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Brighton cat cafe closed for meow

Purr Cat Cafe in Brighton temporarily closed, sign says

Boston's first and only cat cafe, Purr Cat Cafe on Chestnut Hill Avenue in Brighton, is temporarily closed, according to a sign in the front door (photographed today by Marianna Foos) and the business's Web site.

The cafe, in which people can sit and pet or play with shelter cats, opened, after some controversy, in 2017.

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That's was it was listed for on Craigslist back in August.

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I thought it never got to open in the first place. Perhaps too many others thought the same. Oh well, you can still see shelter cats at the actual cat shelter.

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you just know they had to put that in their for a couple of their soon-to-be hyperventilating customers in order to prevent some wild-eyed catlady smashing their window in to "save the cats"

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It makes a lot of sense to explain that a business that usually has animals doesn't have them right now. I'm sure the fire department would appreciate it, for example.

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This is why we can't have nice things.

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After all the drama, I stopped paying attention.

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The owner wisely stepped back from social media around the time they finally opened. That made sense since she always seemed to put her foot in her mouth online. However, being quiet on social media makes it harder to promote the place. It was also, in my mind, expensive. Something like $15 for an hour of hanging with the cats.

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Adopt a cat lady! There are surely plenty of lonely old women who would welcome company and share their furry friends - if they are not too afraid of strangers. Might need to give the relationship time to warm up.

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