Brookline can't make up its mind about turkeys

Wicked Local Brookline reports three turkey-related 911 calls this week. In the first, a woman "reported that multiple turkeys were surrounding her car and she had terrible anxiety." That was followed by a report of three turkeys "blocking traffic and chasing pedestrians." But that was followed by a report about a woman driving down a local road tossing rice or seeds for turkeys to eat.




Throwing rice

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One time someone told me that it's bad to throw rice at weddings because birds eat it, it expands in their stomachs, and they die. Even if true, I doubt it applies to turkeys.

the other bird

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It was the children, throwing and going along with the others. They are given baskets and grown ups would get in a tizzee over the festivities.

The size of the homes and nooks and crannies give them plenty of spaces. It is nothing more than turkeys in a non urban town.

Fowl Play

So one of these Brookliners called the cops on these turkeys after feeding them?

Stay passive aggressive, Brookline.

And FFS, humans are at the top of the food chain. Square up with these birds already! Gobble gobble ass punks can catch these hands!

Yes, human up

If they surround your car, don't have an anxiety attack. Put it in Drive and slowly drive away. The birds aren't so stupid that they'll argue with two tons of steel.

"I need a couple birds" - Juelz Santana

Cambridge resident Remy Sullivan (aka Remy the Humanities Cat) once got into a confrontation with turkeys on the Harvard campus.

He was outnumbered and still the folks who intervened had to hold Remy back from turkeys.

Maybe Brookline just needs a bunch of cats to "police" these turkeys? Or maybe these new Brookline pot shops will help mellow these birds out?


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Just saw Remy last week, what a pal!

Very polite when he waits at the double doors getting in and out.
Coattailing pro.

Aaah! Remy! My guy!

I saw some folks commenting on Remy's FB page that they were concerned about him during vacation week. But the little guy already has a system figured out. He definitely knows which doors to go on campus to get let in (the security guards knows him rather well).

He slinks into the Cabot Library when its closed. It's easy to forget that a cat can get their body through nearly anything they can get their head through.

not quite

The head will fit anywhere the whiskers fit, but the head's not always the widest part of the cat.

I watched the barn cat escort

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I watched the barn cat escort 3 large turkeys down a trail and off the property. My friend and I were frozen on our horses, afraid of running into the tough-assed turkeys. But Finn the cat did his job.

getting in

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If you're already in the car, the turkeys will move. But if you aren't, and you need to get in the car, a bunch of turkeys can be pretty intimidating. Years ago, this happened to me, and I stood there thinking "I'm going to be late to work. I have to call in "turkey.""

Brookline can't make up its mind?

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This is the first that I've heard that Brookline has a single hive-mind. I had previously thought that the people of Brookline were individuals, each with his or her own mind.