Brookline residents add scooters to their list of reasons to call 911

Wicked Local Brookline's weekly roundup of calls to Brookline 911 still has complaints about cranky turkeys and aggressive geese, but now residents are calling 911 to complain about local ne'er-do-well scooters as well.

At 6:10 a.m. police received a report of a scooter left running unattended on the sidewalk for more than 10 minutes.


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Yes, but ...

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There was the report of the gang of turkeys stopping traffic and attacking cars, and the other one involving turkeys (or was it the same gang?) chasing a bicyclist.



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there will be turkeys on scooters. Then you will truly know fear.


One just doesn't leave motorized scooters

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running unattended at 6AM, or anytime, in Brookline. My son Josh just recieved his first trust fund check and was up all night partying. He finally settled down at 5AM and made such an awful howl when that contraption woke him up! It was all I could do to calm him down!

And before you know it, they'll be demanded on-street overnight parking! This nonsense must be nipped in the bud!

911 may be the correct thing to do

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fyi, in the leather district (downtown near south station and chinatown), we are told over and over again to call 911 and specify that it isn't an emergency for lot's of non-emergency items. this is both by the police and by our local neighborhood association. it is both to report and handle issues and to generate metrics to direct their future policing.


Indeed; I once called the

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Indeed; I once called the Mayor's noise hotline about a noisy neighbor in Brighton, but was told that since it wasn't a noisy house party, I should call 911 instead.

How does

police received a report of a scooter left running unattended on the sidewalk for more than 10 minutes.

I thought these things were electric.

Is there a factory option to add a gas motor so people can leave it running if they so choose?

My guess

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I’m guessing it was a Vespa “scooter”, not one of the new share ones.

Police Department Requirements

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As a longtime Boston resident, I feel like this needs to be mentioned: I've called the police department in the precinct I've lived in a number of times for non-emergency items like this (for example, a car alarm that just kept going off for hours) and been told that I needed to call 911 to get the issue addressed.

So while the snark in this headline is fun, the resident was probably instructed to call 911 to address the issue. If Brookline is anything like Boston.

Maybe, maybe not

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Boston's sort of unique in that 911 requirement. Do we know if it applies in Brookline, which is most definitely not part of Boston?