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Bruins fans celebrate playoff win by smashing guy's face, police say

Wanted for attack in North Quincy

Transit Police have released photos of five guys wanted on charges of aggravated assault and battery for an incident at the North Quincy T stop early Friday, a couple hours after the Bruins beat the Hurricanes at the Garden, in which they "viciously" beat a man, breaking bones in his face.

If you see any of these guys, whom police described as "alleged Bruins fans," contact detectives at 617-222-1050, or text an anonymous tip to 873873.



Having taken the bus shuttle from North Quincy I have spoken to nice Transit officers working at the station. My question is were there officers at the station when the poor victim was beaten by these thugs.

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Every time I see security photos after one of these incidents it always looks like the same group of guys?

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the same group of guys.

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I agree with this... but if such a comment was made after any of the shooting suspect articles the UHub comment section would running wild

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A bit of the old ultraviolence?

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I would like the first best wishes fast healing and less pain to the Survivor of this vicious cowardly animalistic attack.

However I do wonder who this Survivor is.

Someone in the Boston Bruins Nation know who these individuals are without a second and anonymously turn them in. Better yet show us that you're not a coward and turn yourself in. Public opinion will probably go easy on you.

No Person or Human Being deserve such violence.

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Turtleboy figured out who they are and also did a Facebook roundup so people don't have to do it on their own

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oh werd you like tb too dawg?! oh werd lets party brah

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The web’s one-stop resource for people too stupid and/or lazy to read Facebook posts themselves, and adults who get off on veiled racism and holier-than-thou self-righteousness.

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