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Car flips in Jamaica Plain

Flipped car in Jamaica Plain

Donrick Pond came upon this sideways car on Bynner Street shortly after 4 p.m.

He reports the driver explained how her car ended up like that:

She said a white SUV was oncoming and she tried to avoid it and hit a parked car's tire I think and flipped. She's okay.

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Why don't you block out the license plates in pictures you put up?

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Could you tell me why I should? I'm not being flip, I'm really curious. It's not like the old days when you could ask the Registry to tell you whom a plate belongs to (which I think they finally changed because Howie Carr was doing it all the time), so what can you do with somebody's plate number?

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This is a website with many, many visitors both regularly and randomly, and in this format it seems intrusive on others. IMO.

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But if you can't do anything with that license-plate number, how is it intrusive?

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on others that these vehicles are on the public roadways in the first place.

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The photographer didn't trespass. He took the photo on a public street.

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You have no expectation of privacy when you are in public.

This goes for your vehicle, too.

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That post implies that people at the registry actually used to answer the phone AND do something to assist the caller (regardless of their intention).

Also, can't any cop just look this stuff up? Meaning anyone who is friends with a cop can find out the owner of the car from the plate number?

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The police cannot run plates for others now. Everything has a user ID which tracks all the information they search. So if an police runs your info without actually pulling you over they could lose their jobs. Because now if a police pulls you over they have to give you an citation regardless even for a warning. This has been an ongoing issue since people doing malicious things especially stalking ppl, cutting tires and etc

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Given the speed with which information can be shared now, news outlets blur plates.

Especially in the event of major injuries or a fatality, do you really want to find out a loved one is hurt or dead by seeing it on a website?

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Nobody was hurt.

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Don't like it? Don't drive.


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Why do you think it would be desirable or necessary?

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Every license plate is visible to everyone on every street every day.

It's not private information. Why would it need to be blocked out at all?

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Drivers: "Bicyclists should have license plates so we can identify them."

Also Drivers: "You should blur out license plates in photos. Someone might be able to identify them!"

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"Not All Drivers!"

Sorry, couldn't help it. It's Friday, long week. People saying stupid things. My poor attempt to get a little chuckle.

off to get more coffee

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... she couldn’t do a wheelie like Donrick can on his bike.

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This is the first video of his I've ever seen that wasn't taken from the perspective of a bike doing a wheelie. His skill on a single wheel is truly impressive.

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