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CBD sausage and guac off the menu at Mexican place on Canal Street

Managers at Bodega Canal, 69 Canal St., told the Boston Licensing Board this morning they've removed CBD-infused items - which included chorizo, guacamole and cocktails - from their menu following a visit from a BPD licensing detective.

In May, the board sent an advisory to Boston restaurants and bars that until the state rules otherwise, they can't offer any items laced with either THC or CBD cannabinoids.

Bodega Canal apologized for the items, saying they figured that since CBD is now for sale pretty much everywhere, there wouldn't be any harm in offering some premium menu items enhanced with it. A manager said he never got the board's advisory and so was unaware of the local ban until a detective showed up for an inspection on May 16.

Sgt. Det. William Gallagher told the board he decided to visit Bodega Canal after it began getting press mentions for its new items.

In May, the board formally warned a Chinatown restaurant that had rented space to a local potrepreneur for a dinner at which patrons could have THC drizzled over entrees not to do that again.

The board decides Thursday what action, if any, to take over the Bodega Canal citation.




CBD is a waste of time, money, and everything else. There's no evidence that it does anything other than slightly help reduce anxiety. If you're going to smoke weed, just smoke all of it. Or eat, or whatever people do with it now days.

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on the suppositories.

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Are there people taking advantage of the current hype surrounding Cannabis to make inflated claims about CBD et al cannabinoids? Definitely.

But it's clearly not all smoke and mirrors. In addition to an ever-accumulating body of anecdotal evidence, there have now been hundreds/thousands of both clinical and lab studies indicating that CBD and other cannabinoids can produce significant physiological effects.

In many cases, the precise modes and degree of action are still not well understood, and that's hardly surprising. The first endocannabinoid receptor wasn't identified until the 1990s, even though it turns out that not only is it one of the most widely distributed receptors in the human body, but it is the most common G protein-coupled receptor in the human brain! (yeah, brain science is still wicked young!)

And now we know that there are at least another eight, some of which have only just been discovered, and hints of others.

Most research to date has concentrated on the the first two receptors identified - CB1 and CB2. And it appears that they are involved in just about everything that happens in our bodies. Including, but definitely not limited to: mediation of blood pressure, inflammation, pain, cancer cell growth, learning and memory, neuronal development, synaptic plasticity, metabolism, bone mass, etc.

If you are interested in the current state of cannabinoid research, and are either a relatively literate-layperson or a bio-nerd, I would recommend checking out the ProfOfPot website (cheesy name, solid site). The person who runs it has a background in neuroscience and a Ph.D. in pharmacology and he reviews research with as close to an unbiased eye as I have encountered in this field (ie, he's not afraid to point out when research is poorly designed or executed, regardless of its findings).

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It's all based on conjecture and assumptions. Mind you I'm not anti-weed, not in the slightest and maybe one day there will be solid proof. There isn't as of yet though.

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Smoke hemp. Kind of harsh but mmmmm mmmm. Mmmmagoo.

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Shtick was tired before you started it.

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Schticky icky as snoop dawg would say. Magoo dawg.

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Stop double parking and stop publishing restaurant reviews, everyone.

Well, except you, MC Slim JB.

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