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Charlestown post office buys more time to stay put

The US Postal Service was facing an eviction hearing in Charlestown District Court on Thursday for the post office in the Bunker Hill Mall, but got that delayed yesterday when it had the case transferred to federal court, which puts a hold on any local legal action, possibly for months.

The Postal Service can do that because federal law lets it.

The service's lease with mall owner New England Development ran out at the end of December. On May 24, the company served the post office with an eviction notice, with a hearing set for June 6 in Charlestown court.

The Postal Service has said it's willing to move somewhere else in Charlestown but that it just hasn't had any luck finding suitable space.

PDF icon Postal Service federal filing32.2 KB
PDF icon Eviction notice890.62 KB

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The eviction notice says they don't owe any rent. It's just that they didn't leave when the landlord wanted to do something else with the space.

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