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Charter bus goes up in flames on 128 in Burlington

WHDH reports the ramp from 128 to Rte. 3 in Burlington was shut after a Local Motion bus on 128 north burst into fire shortly before 1 p.m. No injuries reported.

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Looks exactly like the sort of engine fire that occurred on the Bolt Bus on the pike in 2015.

Having been on that Bolt bus, my main advice is that if something smells suspicious, say something. In retrospect, I smelled the engine breaking down a few minutes before the fire broke out and we pulled over and (ridiculously slowly) evacuated.

The maintenance standards probably aren't strict enough or enforced enough. With the Bolt bus, we had just made an unannounced 1.5-hour pit stop in CT to have a mechanic look at the bus, and apparently they thought it was ok to put back on the road. The engine caught on fire less than 2 hours after having been looked at.

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This never used to happen to their buses.

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Was that sarcasm? If so, I missed the /s tag.

More than once I was left standing for hours in the rain on the side of the highway with other passengers because of engine problems. The first time was on my first bus trip (Greyhound)--I was on the way to a far-off college for an admissions interview when the bus batteries overheated, spewed acrid smoke and burst into flames. I arrived exhausted and with laryngitis.The driver told us it was a common occurrence.

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