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Child in critical condition after Dorchester crash that injured five others

NBC Boston reports that all six people in a car - including a young child - were injured in a crash with another car at Columbia Road and Hamilton Street around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday.

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If only NBC Boston knew which neighborhood they were reporting from. Hope everyone involved recovers swiftly.

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Isn't Columbia the dividing line bet Rox & Dorch?

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is in Dorchester. I think @Roxres was talking about the reporter being ID'd as in Roxbury right at the start of the segment upper right corner.

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... hill blocks view then theres a no left turn sign at Columbia road, but of course everyone does and I’m guessing this crash had something to do with that. That and the hill stretch with no red light Columbia to Hamilton you can really pick up speed. A red light at Hamilton and Columbia road would do motorists and pedestrians crossing for the bus stop huge justice

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I saw it it looked more like the truck was trying to get onto Richfield from Columbia road and the car was coming down and either speed or not paying attention was the cause

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Unless there is traffic backup, most cars travel 40 and above on the open sections of Columbia road, just so they can get 10 seconds sooner to the next red light.

Crashes like this are the price we pay when we say no to speeding enforcement or speeding cameras.

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