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Chinatown dumpling place with no branch store in town seized for taxes

Gourmet Dumpling House in Chinatown

UPDATE: They've' re-opened.

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that Gourmet Dumpling House on Beach Street has been locked up by state officials for non-payment of taxes.



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The Dumpling Cafe? The Gourmet China House? Or the Dumpling King, perhaps? So many choices...

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stick to Panda Express

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GDH is overrated. Dumpling Cafe is much better.

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restaurant recommendations from the Phantom Gourmet. Dumpling Cafe and Taiwan Cafe are both nearby and much better, in my book.

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GDH and Taiwan Cafe have the same menu, except for the dumplings. Same owners? Both are above average as far as cheap food is concerned. Also, I've only eaten once at Dumpling House and a large rat came into the dining room from the kitchen and when I pointed this out to the staff they just shrugged. He was pretty bold, too. The rat, not the staff.

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overlap in the menus. They do not have the same owners. And Dumpling House is in Cambridge, not Chinatown.

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a place that has beef with long horn pepper as good as GDH.

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