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Ciommo could face competition in Allston/Brighton council race

Breedon and Nave

Two people have created formal campaigns for a possible run for the Allston-Brighton city-council seat now held by Mark Ciommo.

Both Elizabeth Breadon, an Oak Square community activist and homeopath (left in photo), and Lee Nave, Jr., the community engagement coordinator at Citizens for Juvenile Justice, have filed papers with the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance, indicating their bids for the District 9 seat. Both must still collect and file signatures to get on the fall ballot.

Ciommo has been the District 9 councilor since his first election win in 2007.




Rather than build 1000 new houses, I propose we build 1/1000 of a house and dilute it in water, which will then be able to provide housing for everyone with it's increased strength.

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If you practice quack science like homeopathy, that's allowable but there's a $200k license needed from City Hall and maybe have to wear a dunce cap in public? We could also sell the add space on the dunce cap to further fund low income housing.

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What Committee Assignments are for the new City Councilor?...

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