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Citizen complaint of the day: Feast or famine when it comes to playground water sprayers

One water sprayer won't turn off, one won't turn on; South Boston vs. Roslindale

One concerned citizen files a 311 report that one of the rain-garden sprayers at playground at Moakley Park in South Boston doesn't shut off; another concerned citizen reports the sprayer at the Fallon Field playground in Roslindale won't turn on.

We need an exchange program for playground splash pads.



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Are you kidding me on the long Fourth of July heatwave weekend? The lack of leadership by Marty Walsh is astounding. Baker is as bad if not worse on the state level. A real leader would call his Park Commissioner (who is probably down the Cape) on this 90+ degree beautiful day and order him to the scene of each of these embarrassments and say, "if you humiliate me again, you will be escorted out of the building but for now, just leave the keys to your city owned SUV on my desk and get back to me by noon tomorrow when every splash pad is working."

Actually, a real leader wouldn't have to do that because his Chief of Staff would have already chewed out the Park Commissioner and those dozens of mid-level, six figure bureaucrats responsible for these things. I couldn't help but chuckle when a "water feature" was approved as a key part of the City Hall Plaza upgrades. If they can't maintain what is essentially a sprinkler for kids, good luck maintaining a large fountain where homeless and others will be bathing, diving for coins or simply cooling off. The Registry scandal is somewhat similar. Just put the 311's and out of state suspensions in that Rubbermaid bin over there. Disgraceful by Walsh and Baker.

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Fallon field spray deck has been having some issues, but it was also on during the hottest days(7/3, 7/5, 7/6). Yesterday (7/7) wasn't really hot enough to need the splash deck working. It does appear to have had its pressure adjusted, because it's now making a much smaller puddle all the way down the stairs and down the street than it did before.

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