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Citizen complaint of the day: Here kitty kitty! Oops!

At 1:03 this morning, a concerned South End citizen filed a 311 complaint:

Cat up tree. Was fighting with something and ran up tree. 1255 am sat. Tree in front of 149 Worcester st. 02118

But before a 311 operator could break out the old joke about cat skeletons in trees, the concerned citizen filed an update at 1:35 a.m.:

Cat in tree was a raccoon and it just made its way down from 149 Worcester st Boston south end.

A grateful 311 marked the case closed at 5:02 a.m.

Earlier in the South End:
Citizen complaint of the day: Sweet Jesus, that's a lot of raccoons

H/t alert 311 watcher Brendan.

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Raccoon is a cat.

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