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Citizen complaint of the day: New Wolcott Square traffic lights already need to be replaced

Around 8:40 p.m., a concerned citizen filed a 311 complaint that the light pole in front of the Wolcott Square gas station in Readville's Wolcott Square was either knocked over or fell over tonight - less than a week after it was knocked over and then replaced.

Exposed LIVE arching wires. Someone is going to get electrocuted.



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You are not going to get rapid attention to a fallen light pole and arcing wires at 8:40pm on a Sunday with 311. And that kind of situation is not a 311 situation. People need to use 911 for that.

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Is 311 staffed 24/7? If so, they should be able to figure out how to identify emergency reports, and escalate them. If not, they need to publicize what it is and isn't for, and what hours it's open.

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