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Citizen complaint of the day: Plow guy needs to push the snow a few feet more to get it into Somerville

Snow at the Charlestown/Somerville line

A Charlestown resident filed a 311 complaint that a plow driver today seemed to think the Somerville town line is on Perkins Street right around the corner from Caldwell Street instead of being a couple doors down Perkins:

Plow truck has not cleaned street once in front of 71 & 72 Perkins St. Charlestown. He instead pushes snow that area as seen on picture. Not sure he realizes that small section is part of Boston. Can you please let him know? Many thanks.

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Looks like he was pushing the corners, maybe wasnt the straight ahead guy.

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Except he/she filed it as a needle complaint?

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They shouldn't leave a plow pile in the travel lane at the city line either. Push it out of the way, even if that means driving into a neighboring city for a few feet.

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