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Citizen complaint of the day: A shame Boston's new bag ban doesn't apply to Globe ad circulars

Globe Direct circulars lying in the snow in East Boston

An annoyed East Boston resident files a 311 complaint about festering Globe Direct circulars:

Boston Globe Direct marketing is all over my neighborhood! Opting out does not stop the delivery. Also, their plastic bags are just as bad or worse as plastic shopping bags, which Boston already banned!

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This wouldn’t be a problem....if the homeowners actually picked them up!!’ My neighborhood is the same way, some residents have 3-4 of them frozen to their front lawn!!

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how many millions of dollars will that cost John Henry, each time?

He can't feign ignorance of how obnoxious and irresponsible this is.

When are we going to see a Globe editorial calling for this littering to end?

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Another kind of clutter...
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Every week I throw Globe Direct circulars right in recycling. But not before having to take the plastic sleeve off. (Annoyingly wet all the time)
I am not even the consumer profile for this garbage that gets delivered to my home.
How about we find out where these are distributed from and throw them on their doorstep?

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It's John Henrys Globe that does it. Throw them on Fenway property and see how long it takes for something to happen.

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That's why they're called Globe Direct. Because they go directly into the recycle bin.

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I haven't gotten a Globe re-direct in a while.. and come to think of it, my MB flyer stopped coming via US Mail too.

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The bad quality of the content is part of the problem. False advertising come-ons that annoy the informed and cheat the uninformed http://www.globedirectmail.com/about.html

For example, advertising mattresses.

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may be annoying, but I don't see how they are false, low quality, or cheating.

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I didn't have much luck "opting-out" of Globe Direct's garbage using the [email protected] email they provided.

However, if you go their "contact us" page http://www.globedirectmail.com/about.html

You can find the email addresses and phone numbers of several individuals. I emailed them all directly and delivery stopped for me after that.

And if you're asking "why should the design manager have to deal with my angry customer emails?", respond by asking yourself "why should I have to deal with the trash they throw in my lawn?"

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After spending 30+ minutes waiting on hold using the number on the front of Globe Direct to opt out (800.591.8802) I hung up out of frustration. I called 508.871.1900 which is listed on the Globe Direct website. I finally managed to get a real person on the phone fairly quickly and they said I would be off the mailings in 2 weeks. We will see. The Globe rep also said that anyone who handles Globe subscriptions can also handle Globe Direct unsubscribe so that might be the best way to go.

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