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Citizen complaint of the day: Vicious squirrels in a Back Bay playground

A concerned citizen files a 311 request to get a replacement for the lid for one of the two garbage cans in the playground at Commonwealth Avenue and Clarendon Street in the Back Bay:

A missing [lid] means squirrels will have an open source to food. Last year two children were attacked by squirrels in this play ground having an open trash can creates lots of problems. Please add the needed lid or remove the open trash can.

Citizen complaint of the day: The kid-burning Myrtle the Turtle of Beacon Hill needs to go.

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Squirrels are everywhere... how do open trash cans cause squirrels to attack small children?

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In Denver, the squirrels carry the black death. people hand feeding them is the real cause of "attacks".

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Richard Gere when you need him!!

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My vet says he'd much rather see a dog or cat tangle with a rat than with a squirrel, based on the diseases that each carries, etc.

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You talk about weird things with your vet.

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My question was, "what are the risks to watch out for in the off-leash area?" and his answer was, "Ugh, squirrels. Worse than rats." before he even got to chicken bones, broken glass, used syringes, and improperly discarded rat poison.

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People should not be feeding squirrels, pigeons, rabbits, raccoons, opossums, seagulls, bears, deer, any wild animal. They aren't anime or cartoons come to life.

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