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Hopefully, there were no falls in the Fells today

Climbing a still frozen waterfall in Medford

Marc Hurwitz spotted somebody climbing up a still frozen waterfall in the Middlesex Fells today. He had a one-word reaction: "NOPE."

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I just see an ice climber having a good time. Should I post a picture of someone in a car with the caption “NOPE?”

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Marc (who leads local tours for the Appalachian Mountain Club) wasn't saying the person shouldn't climb, just that that's not something he would ever want to do.

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Too many people have that reaction to any activity outside when temps are <32. "My gosh, you BIKED in THIS? It's like 30 degrees out!" But then the same people have no problem going skiing.

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For anyone that may be looking to ride down the Pike holding on to the hood of a car.

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Reminds me of that ad where two people in a tent are talking about what sports are just too crazy. Then the camera backs up and we see that the tent is on a platform hanging from a cliff face.

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I believe it is actually a BPS student pictured trying to walk to a bus stop last week.

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