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Clogged arteries: Leverett Circle construction gridlocks downtown traffic

WHDH reports this afternoon is not a good time to be anywhere near downtown, Beacon Hill, the West End, etc., at least, in a car.

Chelsea Cameron reports from the heart of the clog:

I’ve NEVER seen traffic on Cambridge Street this bad for so long. Cops directing traffic, but it’s gridlock. AVOID IF YOU CAN

Kathy Cahill adds:

It’s a bad karma traffic night. In addition to the Charles Circle fiasco, traffic lights at Park Drive and Beacon St are out.

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honking their horns? Fellow motorists might not be aware that you're trying to get somewhere

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This would go in there!

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Wish in one hand and (expletive) in the other.

I will adore the place forever, but changing ways is precisely the opposite of the point of Boston. It's certainly not for a lack of intelligence that we don't improve and advance as quickly as we could or should. We just don't feel like it.

We cussed in traffic today, and we'll forget about it by the end of the weekend.

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I'm glad I don't drive to or from work.

Seriously, when have the morning off I watch the local news and traffic. The randomness of commute times on the highway sometimes seems worse than subway delays, except you get to have your personal space while going 3 MPH up the Southeast Expressway.

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I biked down the middle of this both ways midday today, past a lot of unhappy people stuck standstill in their cars. Which I can relate to, because I have driven a car in Boston, and this kind of crap is pretty much seasonal. If you live within transit coverage, car free is the way to go in Boston. And don't forget that an Uber will reliably get stuck in this same ridiculous traffic. Biking is hands down most reliable and consistent commute crosstown, timewise.
Seen a lot of scooters and one wheels this year. They get the job done too. Good luck everyone.

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but so too do buses most of the time. Dedicated bus lanes please!

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Traffic was backed up on 93 at 5:00 this morning heading to downtown. I live in Boston but my bf and his child are up in Saugus so I find myself commuting back home super early in the morning 2-3 times a week so I can get back to Boston then take the T downtown. I have never seen an exit on 93 so backed up at that time of day. That would have been normal for 7am but not 5. I can't imagine what rush hour will be like today.

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