College: Kid who sent racist pics to Boston Arts Academy students may have been an asshole, but he didn't break the law

The University of New Hampshire says it knows who sent a racist image to a table of Boston Arts Academy students there to perform in a jazz festival - another high-school student who was from a state other than New Hampshire.

After an extensive investigation by the UNH Police Department in partnership with other law enforcement agencies, it was determined that the responsible individual was not a member of the UNH community. An out-of-state juvenile from a New England high school was identified as the one responsible. This is not a criminal case. The two affected schools are in contact about how best to address the incident through education and awareness.

UNH added:

Racism has no place on our campus or in our society. It goes against all of our values as a community and it will not be tolerated.


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Who's Narrative

Lest we forget, Norton had a neonazi problem before it was fashionable, and, well, take a multicultural squad of U14 soccer players to Wilmington or Dracut and wander through the spectators ... or even on the field.


I'll expand on it then.

This wasn't a crime. Not in MA, not in NH, not anywhere in the US I'm assuming since the 1st amendment is going to trump any states restriction on free speech.


Keep your "free speech" to yourself then?

One's right to be free from harassment/discriminatory behavior at an extramural school function supersedes one's right to free speech.

Because free speech and other civil liberties have consequences and limits.

A minor student sent the AirDrop message to another minor student.

That is probably at the heart of this decision.

It was a civil rights violation though.

I'll bet the content of my comments

that a declarative statement ("Free speech has limits and consequences") is different from an inquisitive statement.

And I'll bet that it's ironic that on a post about a student harassing another student electronically...Wasquiot is sniffing around my posts (it's probably more of a coincidence).

You can have the most logic and salient points...but when you start insulting people...then you debunk your own claims.

Again, if you think I'm such a so-called "idiot" then why are you AGAIN replying to my comments?

Sounds like impotent rage, obsession, and poor social functioning! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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Are you claiming that I should not be replying to your replies to other people’s comments?

As for the insult, when someone proves to be immune from logic, what would you call that?

In short, one of us is obsessed, but it ain’t me.

Why can't I walk down the street free of REJECTION

Are you claiming that I should not be replying to other's comments?


I'm specifically stating that it is unusual for you to continue to reply to my (OriginallyFromDotParker) comments on here. Asking rhetorical questions, trying to weasel attention from me...I kinda feel bad for you.

This site is probably one of the few places you feel noticed, seen, heard. I mean, if you cared that much about "correcting" somebody's views then you wouldn't be hounding my replies on here. You'd be applying to be a Boston Public Schools teacher or something.

It seems weird and obsessive to me. You claim that I misunderstand the Constitution/civil liberties...but continue to engage with my posts on here related to that topic. Why are you personally invested in what I think? I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU.

What a weird day to spend a nice day in Boston: repeatedly being rejected by a stranger on the internet.

Everyone's got their own kinks, I guess! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tempted to take you up on that

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I’d bet the contents of my wallet that the kid will get punishment from his school.

Oh, I'm sure he'll have to write a very burdensome essay. And I'm also sure that you consider that "punishment". Permit me to be skeptical, however, that this young bigot's school will do more than brush this under the rug.

Not a civil rights violation.

And no, free speech trumps your right to privacy if you invite people (having your airdrop open and signing into an iCloud account which relinquishes even more of your rights) to send messages to your device.

Sorry dude, no crime here.


Racist harassment is a civil rights violation

An individual's right to be free from discrimination on the basis of race, gender, national origin, etc. and other protected classes. This civil rights supersedes and balances the free speech rights in this incident.

But by all means: continue to respond to my replies and make my posts more popular/visible! I'm not paying you for marketing though, haha

Depending on how you look at this incident: this could be construed as a criminal act.

It most certainly violates the BAA students's civil rights.

Girl, you good look, woncha back them claims up

Lest I be accused of are some links (I posted in another comment thread):

1) This is from the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division website:

The Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, created in 1957 by the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1957, works to uphold the civil and constitutional rights of all Americans, particularly some of the most vulnerable members of our society. The Division enforces federal statutes prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, disability, religion, familial status and national origin.

2) This is a statement following the conclusion of the Department of Justice investigation into alleged civil rights violations in the 2016 Boston Latin School investigation

BOSTON – United States Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz announced today that the U.S. Attorney’s Office’s independent investigation of alleged civil rights violations at Boston Latin School (BLS) has concluded. A resolution agreement has been reached with the Boston Public School District (BPS), home of the nation’s oldest public school. The investigation focused on alleged incidents of racial harassment of BLS students and the school’s response to those alleged incidents.

In the resolution announced today, BPS has agreed to implement measures aimed at ensuring that complaints of racial discrimination at BLS are handled appropriately. The resolution is the product of a months-long investigation in which BPS Superintendent Tommy Chang and other BPS and BLS personnel cooperated fully with the USAO.

After interviewing over 200 people including BLS administrators, faculty, parents, students, and alumni, as well as BPS Central Office employees, and after reviewing thousands of pages of documents from BPS, the USAO determined that there was one violation of Title IV of the Civil Rights Act. Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination against students based on race, among other bases, by public schools.

(Link source:

3) Information on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 can be found at this link:

Ergo...this incident of racist harassment was a civil rights violation.

Completely different

The school (not the students) have to protect these kids civil rights. The students (those who did the racist acts) were not in violation of any civil rights violation.

So again no, the acts of speech were not violations, the inability of the school to protect these kids were a violation.


Are you a robot? There were no violations, no one was charged, no one could be charged.

Stop making things up.


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What right was violated? How were the students who received this image "discriminated against"?


No rights were violated. I think here is something off about dot/Parker so don’t bother asking logical questions.

Don't be mad, BPS is hiring

This was a civil rights violation.

Instead of being so internet-mad at me: why not do something helpful to address situations like this in the future?

I mean, materially helpful besides letting internet strangers get your blood pressure all raised.

Yes, it does

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Civil rights violations are set out in the law. Were the law violated, there would be charges. No charges would indicate that the DA (or whoever is the equivalent in New Hampshire) saw no civil rights violation.

Why do we argue with you?

Get this post up to 100 comments

Racist harassment is a civil rights violation.

Now continue making my posts popular on here, Wasquiot. You're doing great!

The reasons you "argue" with me on this site are obvious:

1) You are part of a U-Hub contingent that has become obsessed and fixated on me.

2) Your life is empty/unsatisfying. You feel depressed and ignored. This site is one of the few places that you feel like you can receive attention.

3) You are unable to distinguish negative attention and positive attention.

3) Insulting strangers on the internet is one of the few social outlets you have.

All that to say: this incident of racial harassment is a civil rights violation. :)

You know what

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I'd disagree with you, but you did summarize commenting on anything on the internet by anyone in a nutshell. I mean, you've got me totally wrong, but you did make me chuckle.

Well done (except for the ignorance on civil rights violations.)

Restorative Justice

Come on now. Be good liberals. This is a child. The appropriate response is education, restitution, and a sincere apology, not vindictive punishment.


This is an excellent situation for restorative justice

While it was noxious and hateful, it is also minor.

Also perpetrated by a minor - someone who is malleable to change.

Probably best if all who attended from that school are involved with the effort, too. These kids are probably lapping up toxic shit at home and amplifying it amongst their sheltered peers. There is an opportunity for change in confronting that stupidity and not letting them slink away giggling.


The kid could at least use a history lesson...

I agree that incidents like these speak volumes at what kind of behaviors are taught and normalized at home.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around anti-Black racist harassment at a JAZZ concert. I'm willing to bet that the kid who sent the AirDrop content to the BAA student probably listens to Migos, Lil Uzi Vert, etc. Rap has become the most popular genre of music in America. Today's (t)rap music/culture shares so much DNA with jazz.

I hope that restorative justice is a part of resolving this incident.

Some jazz history found online:

Jazz was born in New Orleans about 100 years ago (early 20th century), but its roots can be found in the musical traditions of both Africa and Europe. In fact, some people say that jazz is a union of African and European music.

From African music, jazz got its:
rhythm and "feel"
"blues" quality
tradition of playing an instrument in your own expressive way, making it an "extension" of your own human voice

From European music, jazz got its:
harmony -- that is, the chords that accompany the tunes (the chords played on the piano); jazz harmony is similar to classical music's harmony
instruments -- most of the instruments used in jazz originated in Europe (saxophone, trumpet, piano, etc.)

(Link source:

Restorative justice - well-meaning but problematic

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Restorative justice can be hurtful to the victim of the original acts. For example, there are plenty of first-person stories from women where the "restorative justice" decisions forced them to have more contact with the person who was responsible for hurting them.

I'd be in favor of having the perpetrator in this case do something meaningful in their own community, with no contact with the kids the hatefulness was directed to other than a written apology.


Solid points

Letting the BAA students who were targeted with this shit have a say in how much involvement (if any) they want in any restorative justice efforts is very crucial.

So it wasn't "Cowardly UNH students" being racist? False flag?

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Further proof that a lie goes around the world in the morning before the truth gets its pants on. The first comment on the original post is one of many that blamed some version of "cowardly UNH students" as racists. In fact, what looks like the original screen grab from a BAA student also bashes UNH students, notwithstanding they were on spring break at the time. Where do UNH students go to get their reputation back?

Now we learn a week later in a cryptic release that it was "just a high school kid from a state other than NH who didn't break the law." The language so carefully downplays the incident that the suspect could easily be another Boston HS student. As another poster said, the Air Drop feature is best used when set to "contacts only." Was the sender just guessing that the message would get through to the black group or was he/she sending to contacts already stored in his/her phone? Since no crime was committed (I disagree but...) why not name the person who did this or their school?

As for the despicable blackface image, the Democrat Governor and Democrat Attorney General of South Carolina along with left-wing "stars" like Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon have led by example that this type of behavior is OK. No surprise kids would copy them.


You're right. Only "coward" here is you.

Based on the initial reporting of this source (the Facebook post that was shared), I thought it was a UNH student. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

However, some U-Hub commenters pointed out that UNH college students were on vacation. Consequently, it was unlikely that a UNH student sent this harassing message to the BAA student. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My one internet comment has resulted in reparable harm to UNH students's reputation. Yeah, okay, lil' buddy.

Wow, I am truly honored that you are assigning me so much power...though I think what you're really upset about is that my comment was the first comment on that post. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

P.S. FUCK XII. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Pointed hoods for pointed heads

It's so nice and sunny outside today and so many sad U-Hub comment "personalities" are playing pundit on the internet.

Like, vitamin D deficiency is real. Go enjoy this blessed sliver of sunshine* and stop being so obsessed with me already!

*(I guess enjoying the sun would be damn-near impossible if you're really bitter at folks with melanin ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.)

As though

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there was any question.

Jimmy Kimmel! Jimmy Fallon! Democratic governor and AG of a state that went +15 for Orange Julius Caesar in 2016. FISH is here with thee hard-hitting facts that your grandparents are too sleepy to regurgitate from Fox News.

Hey, Fishy, does your face hurt...

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...from blowing all those dogwhistles?

"Democrat Governor" "Democrat Attorney General" you're not even slightly subtle, ya know? Up your game.