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Community and youth center planned for Columbia Point

The Dorchester Reporter reports the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester and the Martin Richard Foundation are planning a $30-million facility on what is now a field next to the McCormack School on Mt. Vernon Street.



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This was also the subject of a recent School Committee meeting. A new facility sounds great, but the McCormack community was not included in these plans or this discussion. It's going to be a 7-12 school and they definitely need sports facilities. How will this affect this school? What is being offered to them? Where are the voices of the students and teachers in this process? It's not too late to include them so I hope the school committee hears this loud and clear and the Mayor makes the right move.

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"This month, as outlined in the RFP, the proposal will be presented to community groups, including a Harbor Point tenant organization, the school community and McCormack-Dever and the Columbia-Savin Hill Civic Association, which will see the full proposal at their next meeting on Monday (Oct. 7, 7 p.m.) at the Little House on East Cottage Street."

"would lease the land and create a new use that would benefit the school community and the larger Columbia Point and Dorchester neighborhood."

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