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Condos approved for Condor Street in East Boston

101 Condor St. proposal

Archictect's rendering.

The Zoning Board of Appeal yesterday approved a four-story, 18-unit condo building at 101 Condor St., at Brooks Street.

Developer Greg McCarthy's plans call for 17 two-bedroom units, about 850 square feet each, and one 640-square-foot one-bedroom unit. Two of the units would be sold as affordable. The building will have 18 parking spaces and a roof deck.

The building will replace a lot now used to store shipping containers and vehicles.

Nobody spoke against the proposal.

101 Condor St. small-project review application (9.4M PDF).

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& no where near a T stop / gentrified East Boston. Good luck developers!!

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18 homes instead of a vacant lot. Thank you developers!

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Because you know not one of these will be rented to an actual aspiring long-term East Boston resident. Gentrification will just continue to wipe out the Latin-American population, making way for more Financial District snobs, who could give two shits about their neighbors.

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Boston is literally just a cycle of short term residents. It really is sad.

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Too far from Maverick and Airport Stations..

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following in the footsteps of ugly ass development as other sections of the City. same goes for the other post about Maverick Square.

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