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'That could have been me,' student tells vigil for New Zealand at Cambridge City Hall

New Zealand vigil at Cambridge City Hall

Greg Cook was one of several hundred people at a vigil for the victims of the latest white-nationalist mass murderer, this time in New Zealand. He listened as Farida Moustafa, a 16-year-old student at Cambridge Rindge and Latin said that it could just as easily have been her and her family there. He also watched as people kneeled to recite the evening prayer.

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Praying for all the New Zealand mass shooting victims and all communities of faith. What a bleak friggin time.

The world is a damn vampire. :(

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Probably doesn’t help that many white people are terrified of Arabic let alone Muslims

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Speak for yourself. I have done business with Muslim women who cover, have worked with many secular Muslims. I worked with an Iranian whose mom was Jewish and father was Muslim. He said that being in an interfaith household was no big deal.

Many Arab Christians and Muslims have told me that they peacefully co-existed until the Muslim fundamentalists (Ayatollah, etc.) came into power. These rulers caused strife and division between the faiths.

There is an Arabic Evangelical Church in WR that is offering Arabic classes. They are very welcoming. There is a Syrian Orthodox church on Park St. in WR. There are two Eastern Rite Catholic churches in WR - one is Melkite rite (Lebanese), the other is Maronite rite (Syrian). I have been to their Masses; Arabic is spoken.

Ever been to Al Wadi on VFW parkway? Lovely place, great food. Al Wadi means 'By the River' in Arabic.

I could go on and on, and haven't even talked about the original Lebanese neighborhood in the South End. Arabs have a long history in Boston. There is nothing to be afraid of. There is a good and bad in all nationalities and faiths.

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There have been MANY attacks by Muslims on Christians and just regular Americans (Ft. Hood, the Orlando nightclub,etc. etc.) not to mention the slaughter of Christians in Egypt and Nigeria. I don't see many demonstrations in support of those victims.

All of these attacks are senseless, but I wouldn't mind a demonstration supporting innocent Christians and US soldiers for a change.

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Classy move hijacking a post about terrorism against Muslims because they were Muslims and saying "but what about the CHRISTIANS" (and "just regular Americans", who of course couldn't possibly be Muslim) when there simply haven't been any attacks on Christians as Christians in the United States, ever.

hollydoodoo is another dogwhistling bigot. Adam, can we start a gofundme to get blocking capabilities on this site?

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Really. You can't

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Soldiers, sailors airmen and marines should get a rally. No, even better, I think they should get a holiday. We should thank them for their service. We'll call it Veterans' Day maybe. And we should also have a different day where we celebrate all of those servicemen and -women who have given their lives for our country. In memoriam. In fact, we should _call_ it Memorial Day. And of course we should stop at the beginning of every nationally televised sports event and have someone thank the military and sing a rousing song. That's probably enough public appreciation though. Anything more and people might get the impression that we're obsessed with our military at the expense of common public necessities like health care and food for poor people.

Fuck your rally, I guess is what I'm saying.

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