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Council candidates on education issues

The Boston Coalition for Education Equity has posted answers from district and at-large candidates for Boston city council on several BPS-related topics.

The preliminary elections are Sept. 24.



Bowser gets it.

"I have had many students who come from households where the student is primarily responsible for translating school documents. Choosing a school for students should be streamlined and easy for parents to understand. We also have to make sure that homeless families are not lost in the process. There is also programming that needs to be taken into consideration. Where are our special education strands and ELL programs located? How many seats are available in these programs?"

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I appreciate that someone is making the effort to ask the candidate these questions, but the reported answers are not very helpful. For example, one question is, "Do you support changing the current admissions system for Boston's exam schools?" Most people would give a nuanced answer leaning towards change or no change. The report only groups people into Yes and No. Not all that helpful.

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