Councilor says his constituents are fed up with slob construction workers banging away early in the morning

City Councilor Ed Flynn (South Boston, South End, Chinatown, Downtown) wants to do something about construction workers he says are starting earlier finishing later than allowed and leaving the streets they work on a mess.

In a request for a formal hearing on the matter, Flynn says constituents "have reported construction taking place outside of the permitted hours of 7am-6pm; early in the morning, late in the evening, or on the weekend and holidays without a permit at all."

He adds that South End residents are fed up with the large number of exemptions being granted for before- and after-hour "emergency" work, while residents in Chinatown and South Boston are concerned about "security and safety in all phases of development at construction sites, damages to neighboring properties, the need for adherence to approved plans, and suitable rodent control."

The council as a whole hears Flynn's request at its regular Wednesday meeting, which starts at noon in the council's fifth-floor chambers in City Hall. If the rest of the council agrees, Flynn, a council committee with schedule a formal hearing to dig into the issue.



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But how r they going to catch

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But how r they going to catch up to finish the deadline? It's all about deadlines and money for those high priced penthouses!!


Can confirm this is a problem

From first- and second-hand accounts, this is true, in both the South End and South Boston. Residents just want them to follow the rules and if they need to work outside the established hours, then get approval to do so.

Just don't be arrogant f-cks about it, developers.


I got a flat tire

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from a bunch of drywall screws in the gutter. Not sure how that sliding glass door got smashed.

No where

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Bluntly: No one in the city gives any fucks. At this point I don't think ousting Marty would do the slightest good.

Under-sized roads already gridlocked by 7 AM

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So workers with their tools from NH and the south shore get to job sites long before and want to do their jobs. If they wanted to sit around for more coffee and donuts they'd work for government.

No one says they can't get to

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No one says they can't get to the site early. Rules are rules. No work can begin before a certain time.

Well guess what

If they want to work in our city, they can follow our rules. If they don't like it, they can stay home in NH and work in the booming construction business up there.


Flynn is just playing to his

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Flynn is just playing to his old NIMBY base per usual but in this instance he does actually have a legitimate point.