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Crash jams up turnpike in Brighton

Crash on turnpike eastbound in Brighton

Teddy Kokoros shows us the aftermath of a single-car crash on the eastbound side of the Massachusetts Turnpike at the New Balance complex.

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and when I saw it I thought, hallelujah! Massport has finally done away with the absurdity of a bus route that travels 3 miles westbound on the Pike (i.e. in the opposite direction of the airport) then takes the slingshot u-turn in Allston to turn around and drive 3 miles eastboundback to Copley, racking up a 6 mile detour just to get back to its starting point before continuing on to the airport!

But I got the driver to open his window and he basically said, PSYCH! We're doing this today only because of a crash on the Pike. Tomorrow, we'll be back to our usual antics of making sure that there really are no convenient and logical mass transportation options to the airport.

1) You can either take the BB Logan Express, the route of which the geniuses at Massport designed to ensure that riders get caught in both the eastbound and westbound Pike traffic jams on the same trip, or

2) you can take the Silver Line from South Station, which takes 35-40 minutes to travel 1.5 miles, or

3) you can take the Blue Line, which is a three-seat proposition for most travelers, including the milk run that is the airport bus shuttle, or

4) You could hitch a ride on the Hingham ferry, which the MBTA has conveniently priced at $10 for a 1-mile trip across the inner harbor.

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