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DA Rollins was asked if her criminal justice reforms go too far as Baker admin claims

Charlie Baker’s Secretary of Public Safety slams Suffolk Co. District Attorney Rachael Rollins:

Turco listed six objections to “The Rollins Memo” — a 65-page policy manifesto the DA issued to her prosecutors last week — knocking her polices for posing a threat to public safety.

“Several of the policies announced in the Memo would, if implemented as proposed, put at risk the Commonwealth’s ongoing efforts to combat the ongoing crisis of the opioid epidemic and substantially restrict government’s ability to protect victims threatened with serious crimes,” Turco wrote.

Rollins wasted no time firing back at Turco, saying her “bold” changes are for the voters who “overwhelmingly voted” for her and her policies.

“My prosecutors distinguish between petty offenses and serious criminal conduct every single day, and I’d be happy to address his hypothetical concerns with some of our real world experience anytime he wants to pick up the phone,” Rollins said in her own incendiary response.

Where The A.J. Baker Case Stands Now:

On the evening of June 20, in a transmission captured by the website LiveATC.net, JetBlue flight 1354 approached Logan Airport and reported a problem on board.

"Boston police, meet us at the gate at C-34," an unidentified crew member said. "We have a customer that's been groping one of the female passengers, so we need to have the police meet the aircraft at the gate, please."

Two days later, WBZ-TV reported that the alleged groper was Andrew “A.J.” Baker — a son of Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker. Ever since, a big question has been whether A.J. Baker, who still hasn’t been charged, is being treated impartially by the criminal-justice system.

For example: the Massachusetts State Police, who the governor oversees, responded first, before handing the investigation to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, which routinely handles allegations of in-flight sexual assault.