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Day after white supremacist guns down Hispanics in Texas, Nazis rally in Copley Square, try to get on the Orange Line

Later, they tried getting on the Orange Line at Mass Ave., while still trailed by protesters. Northeastern cops got them to just walk up and out of the station.

The reason for the anti-camp protest was a meeting of the American Correctional Association in Boston today.

Henry first noticed them around this morning, at least one wearing this shirt:

Is there something going on in Downtown Boston? Awful lot of guys in white nationalist t-shirts walking around.



Giving trolls publicity iS nOt hElPiNg!1

These clowns probably aren't even National Socialist Workers Party enthusiasts but nihilists that get off being terrible offensive people to everyone.

Giving shitlords like that publicity only encourages them.

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Then I went "fuck it." At some point, somebody who thinks they're being funny playing a Nazi IS a Nazi. Over my career as a reporter, I've seen too many of these yahoos get away with crap like this with people ignoring them, "they'll grow out of it," or "we don't want to offend our gentile neighbors" or whatever and the end result was always the clowns just kept escalating until they finally went too far and did something truly horrible, and no, not anymore, not in 2019, not when nothing I write will help them because they've already got their own little safe spaces on 8chan or reddit or wherever to boast about how they showed some libs what's what. Somebody wants to play Nazi the day after a Nazi massacre (and that's assuming the other massacre, in Ohio, wasn't also related to white supremacy), then let them be treated like Nazis.

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I walked right by this protest today and had no idea what it was for and didn't care.

They suck at raising awareness for their "cause" or "beliefs" or whatever it is they think they have.

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Ideally these POS will be named and shunned at their colleges, etc...

Free speech doesn't mean speech free of consequences, just the you have the right to expose what a piece of garbage you are publicly and suffer the results. Sometimes, you can even get a high profile gig like Stephen Miller.

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They will handle the Nazis on the Orange Line. Did the Transit Police respond ? Did they even know what's going on?

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Which is what the Guardian Angels in Boston, in all their incarnations, always were.

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Really, is it time we ask BPD and other first responders to ride the trains? I actually liked when theywere doing the random bag checking at North Station and other spots. Haven't seen that in a while.

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It's very insensitive to link to the "Dead Kennedys" on the night before Saoirse's funeral. Please show some decorum.

As for the performance art protests, was there a "gentleman's agreement" between both sides to forego any police presence and allow the masked group and the anti-prison protesters to interact face to face and at one point, even allowing the masked group to collectively and fearlessly turn their backs and walk away, only inches from those who were "chasing" them? If the masked group refused to identify themselves, how was it determined they are Nazis? Masks are the trademark of antifa, the far-left agitators.

Which side is represented by the kid wearing the "This Nightmare Must End, the Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!" t-shirt offering the extended forearm, clenched fist salute while apparently being led by the masked folks? What obscure police department is represented by the two men shown in POLICE patches and regalia? Certainly not Boston or Transit. Does the T know they were operating on the platform? Did they file a FIO (Field Interrogation and Observation) report identifying those in masks, like police would? Amusing.

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Masks are the trademark of antifa, the far-left agitators.

You were saying?

IMAGE( http://america.aljazeera.com/content/ajam/articles/2014/7/14/kkk-florida-police/jcr:content/headlineImage.adapt.1460.high.KKK_071414.1405451509535.jpg)

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The European Brotherhood is an online store pedaling "Identity" swag. T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Music. It is a spin off from Identity Evorpa later known as the American Identity Movement. The kid wearing the "This Nightmare Must End, the Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!" t-shirt is a member of The Refuse Fascism Student Task Force.

Seriously O-FISH-L if you really don't know who the enemy to the US is yet you need to pick a side soon.

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Hi O-Fish-L,

Just to clarify a few points:

You referred to the interaction as a "gentleman's agreement." This is far off the mark. The neo-nazis arrived at about 1:15, a few minutes prior the 1:30 scheduled start time the anti-cages demonstration. Hence the lack of preemptive police presence between the two groups.

Shortly thereafter, police would catch up with the neonazis as they later boarded and de-boarded a train. To the extent that the police would file the appropriate reports, the neonazis had multiple interactions--many documented on camera--with the police. No need to "file a report" to tell them policeman.

The rally organizers were--in their words--"shaken" by the encounter. The first speaker or two were quite flustered. Highly unlikely they were faking it.

Further, of course, many of the the rally-goers were protesting the carceral state as a whole, and the police's complicity therein. They're not the sort to begin by reaching out to the police--rightly or wrongly, my sense that a good number of the rally-goers would expect the police to support the neonazis.

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The DKs used that name as a reference to the death of the American dream, and were initially named after the drummer of ? and the Mysterians’ girlfriend’s teddy bear, “Ted Kennedy.”
The DKs have done more to advance social causes and conversations than any living or dead Kennedy since JFK and RFK.

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As another point of clarification, Fish, you ask who "the kid wearing the 'This Nightmare Must End, the Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!' t-shirt" is, suggesting that he is "offering the extended forearm, clenched fist salute while apparently being led by the masked folks."

As you can clearly see from the photo, that person is following the Nazis, holding his cell phone camera out to record them. He is not being led, nor is he saluting in any fashion.

Now, I'm not suggesting that you knew that, and were just seeing to stir things up among folks who might not check the photo for themselves. I'm sure you just didn't notice, right? Feel free to edit your post for clarity.

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lol I love that they had to hide behind a minority officer so they wouldn’t get their racist asses collectively beat. Wonder if the irony was lost on them.

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Behind mommy's skirts, in parent's basements ... they are all cowards that feel special only when claiming privileges that aren't earned. Chances are that doxing these shitpiles would do no good because Dunkin Donuts might fire them, but Arby's might pick them up.

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Damn, that's cold and uncalled for.

What has Arby's ever done to you?

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Now I'm craving Arby's and there's not one anywhere near here :(

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Somebody out there knows these losers

Co-workers, parents, siblings, neighbors.

Collect and share their faces.

Like I said, someones gonna see these closeups and say "oh my gawd, i had no idea (insert losers name here) was a MAGAt.

Here are the MUCH PATRIOTISMS and VERY PROUD white nationalists:


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Freedom of speech

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Freedom of speech doesn't mean "you can't name political protesters." Or are you saying that they shouldn't be named because they don't actually support violent terrorists, they just thought it would be fun to troll people by showing up at a rally and pretending to support terrorism?

A large part of why the constitution protects freedom of speech is that the people who wrote it realized that speech matters. People will listen to, and sometimes believe, what you say. You can't shake the devil's hand and say you're only joking.

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im guessing the cool dude with the shades hiding behind the minority officer

you guys are so Alpha, bro

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Is 9 people really an "Awful lot of guys in white nationalist t-shirts walking around."?

Yes, one person is too many but 9 is not a lot considering how many there really are (hidden and otherwise) in the area.

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Eventually, they'll get into cars that presumably have makes and models and years and license plates -- all helpful in identifying these goons.

Or, they'll arrive at a private building. Maybe a residence, maybe an employer, something. Hey hey, now you've got an address -- helpful in identifying these goons.

Obviously, I wouldn't follow 9 racist clowns by myself, but seriously -- there's nothing stopping the rest of the world from naming and shaming them. It might not change their minds, but it might help get them to STFU, which would be an improvement.

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