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On a day like this, even Faneuil Hall tourists have their limits

Tourists in the shade at Faneuil Hall Marketplace

A.k.a. Tommy noticed that Faneuil Hall Marketplace tourists, who normally spread across the bricks, were sticking to the shade today.



If climate change isn't real then shouldn't the republicans be walking in the 100 degree sun to own the libs? I guess they are snowflakes who would melt.

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If you want to hang your argument on it being hot now, fine, but when a certain reality show host turned President of the United States uses a cold snap 6 months from now to posit climate change is not real, just remember that he is using your logic. In other words, you have the same understanding of climate change as Trump does.

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Climate change points to more extreme weather events.

Hotter hots.
Colder colds.
Windier winds.
Snowier snows.
Twistier twisters.


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The problem will be solved, no?

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I’d figure on a nice summer afternoon Fanuiel Hall would be loaded with foot traffic. Do tourists still go there?

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It's too crowded.

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This was also Tea Dance in Ptown Fri and Sat. Everyone stayed in the shade and moved when the sun moved.

But I agree, I was sitting poolside in the sun. I got up and my swimming trunks were wet and I hadn't even gotten into the pool yet.

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I was always taught by the Boston NIMBYs that shadows from buildings were bad. I'm so confused.

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