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Day of the Turkey

A lot of turkeys in Jamaica Plain

Photo by Jodi Solomon. See it larger.

From a safe place (for now), Jodi Solomon reports on a Jamaica Plain street held hostage:

I am scared to walk my neighborhood without a large waking stick and even then turn around and go in the opposite direction when I see them. These birds are thugs.

Chasing our mail carrier and any other moving object.

We had to rescue a neighbor who had no other alternative than having to take his coat off and use it as a spinning deterrent so they wouldn’t attack him. He finally was able to get into our car but the birds continued to lunge after him. We had to rescue our 91 year old neighbor as he was bringing in his recycling. It’s madness. Why are they so mean?

Originally posted in one of the two Jamaica Complain Facebook groups.

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Kill the biggest one and display it on a gibbet as a warning to the others. Or maybe, in this case, a giblet.

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Anybody else want to negotiate?

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You can kill a revolutionary but you can never kill the revolution

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Discarded title suggestion of Three Days of The Condor?

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