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DCR to discuss possible fixes for congested, crash-ridden stretch of parkways in Roslindale, JP

DCR officials will be visiting Roslindale and Jamaica Plain twice in a week to discuss ways to make the Arborway and Centre Street safer from Hebrew SeniorLife and Forest Hills up to Jamaica Pond - even as expansion plans at Faulkner Hospital could mean more cars on the road.

Tonight, residents get a chance to discuss the troublesome intersection of Walter and Centre streets next to Hebrew SeniorLife - and the possible addition of traffic lights to the intersection, at a meeting called by the Longfellow Area Neighborhood Association. The session starts at 7 p.m. at the Weld Hill Building of the Arnold Arboretum, 1300 Centre St. The idea seems to surface every five years or so.

Next Thursday, DCR holds a meeting in JP to outline proposals to improve the Arborway between Forest Hills and Kelly Circle near Jamaica Pond, including the infamous large Murray Circle at the northern end of the Arboretum - listed as one of the most crash-frequent intersections in the Boston area.

To bone up on the issues at that meeting on DCR's Arborway Parkways Improvement Project, residents can read a state-compiled road safety audit on that stretch of road, released in September.

The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m in the Huvos auditorium on the third floor of Faulkner Hospital.



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A traffic light at Walter and Centre is a no-brainer. Why is it so hard to make it happen?

Rebuilding Murray Circle is also a good idea, but that's a bigger project.

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At St Nectarios as I recall. They showed us the various proposals and explained that the T-intersection was the best approach and the next step was to get funding.

Now we're back to meetings?

EDIT: Almost exactly 4 years ago - https://www.universalhub.com/2015/state-officials-seek-advice-bad-parkway


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and just sitting waiting to be spent on the project!

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Parkways as arterials pretending to be limited access expressways = poor transportation engineering.

Let these parkways be parkways more than highways.

Suck your own exhaust, drivers.
Don't dump your carbage outside your vehicle and force me to breathe that poisoned air.
That's pretty inconsiderate.

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I'm sure people would freak out but how about taking some of the green space at kelley circle to make dedicated through and turn lanes with lights before the jway inbound at the top of the pond.

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