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Derailment on Green Line just outbound from Kenmore Square; several injured

A Green Line car derailed around 11 a.m. NBC Boston reports 11 people were injured, including the driver.

Bryan Marden, who was on the car that derailed, and who took photos, reports:

The train I was on was a 1-car D train bound for Riverside. At the point where the C and D trains split in the tunnel, the train careened off the tracks at a high rate of speed.

The Green Line is shut between Kenmore and St. Mary's on the C Line and Fenway on the D Line.

"This is not the service we want to run," MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak said at a press conference at which he pledged a complete investigation.

More photos.

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One has to wonder if the driver was impaired in some way.


When the Governor, Secretary of Mass Dot, The General Manager or the Financial Control Board were impaired when their decisions derailed the whole MBTA system.


All of them for the last 30 years?

the fact that the MBTA's maintenance, parts warehouse, and money handling operation were criminally incompetent, and would have stayed that way unless Baker shone a light on them.

When Baker shone that light, did he see the debt he loaded onto the T?


Go check out the MBTA's income statement for the last twenty years and show me where that debt load is and what happened to it.

And don't quote that stupid political hit-piece white paper written by financial morons trying to justify money out of Beacon Hill. Go to the source and find it - it's not there.

Where's the source that he didn't?

If you know how to read it, it's all there.

Forward funding screwed the T is fake news. They did it to themselves through greed.

Everyone agrees that that source is biased. Try again.

Are they keeping two sets of books?


Would you care to back up your statements about criminals who worked at the MBTA?

Beacon Junction is a known trouble-spot and there was a derailment there in 2014. (And maybe another one since, hard to remember.)

Beacon Junction is in the CIP and working is taking place, although it's priority level 2 (not 1) and the work is not complete. (See page 106 of the report here, which has a 1500+ character URL and doesn't allow linking to a specific page, which is more a fault of Amazon than the T, but still.)


Question is whether this is a track/switch issue or another truck/wheel flange failure which has plagued the Type 8 Breda cars since the first ones where purchased in the late 1990s.

The derailment in 2014 was a Type 7 and was caused by "operator error" (speeding through switch). Today's incident shares a lot of the same characterstics to the 2014 incident: at the exact same location: outbound Riverside train, with all six axles off of the rail and the car hitting the tunnel wall. The car today was a Type 8, but if the investigation shows speed as the cause, then the type of car, condition of the car, and condition of the switches and track, etc. don't matter

Not terribly surprised it's a Type 8.

Sounds like it's taking some time for them to clean it up.

The T now says the crash was not caused by a mechanical issue. I could tell when they said immediately after the crash that service would resume first thing Sunday. It seemed like they had quickly determined it was operator error.