Developer proposes 23-unit condo building near Green Street T stop; two units would be for artists

121 Brookside Ave. architect's rendering

Architect's rendering.

Cedar Hill Residential filed plans with the BPDA today for a 23-unit, four-story condo building on Brookside Avenue, around the corner from the Green Street Orange Line station.

The developer's plans call for two first-floor condos to be sold as affordable "live/work space" to artists. Cedar Hill, which is finishing up a residential building on Burroughs Street, off Centre Street, is also proposing two additional affordable units in the building at 121 Brookside Ave., a site now used as a parking lot.

The proposed non-artist units would range in size from 450 square feet for a studio unit to 950 square feet for a two-bedroom units. The artist condos would be up to 1,055 square feet.

The proposal calls for 11 parking spaces, which will require a variance from the zoning board, because the lot's zoning would normally require 31 spaces.

The development team anticipates that vehicle ownership will be low based upon the site’s transit oriented location, walkable access to services and amenities, access to public transportation and major job centers, to bike share stations, and to car and ride share services.

121 Brookside Ave. small-project review application (4.2M PDF).
Other Jamaica Plain development proposals.



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Yup. This is so much better

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Yup. This is so much better than an empty parking lot. I say this as someone who lives down the street and walks by that waste of space every day. Build it with zero parking so there can be more affordable units. People>cars.


Yeah , build it so the people

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Yeah , build it so the people can walk to their jobs at Haffenreffer Brewery down the street, walk to Our Lady of Lourdes church, and walk up Green ( or down to the street car stop on Centre ) to the Orange line El at Green and Washington. There are plenty of jobs walkable in that are for the common folk today. We dont need no stinkin cars !

The Artist's Mafia

Will fix those horses for you ...

Stables are not exactly in demand right now. Ironically, they would just get converted to artist's lofts like many other historic horse storage facilities have in this city. See also: Fort Point

Well aside from a business

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Well aside from a business already being there , there is also paid parking spaces for commuters . The building right next next door isn’t even filled. Just another condo complex in jp . There’s about oh say 4 others in the area that are already in construction . Keep filling it up with nonsense I guess

Artists, why?

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Why in Boston do they continue to receive special treatment in relation to housing. This is BS.


Yeah, I never understood this

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Yeah, I never understood this either. How and why did this become a thing? Why not teacher housing or 1st responder housing?


something something Culture!

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something something Culture! something.

When in reality the "artists lofts" like the EMF building are pestilential death traps. The city of cambridge even passed on buying EMF because it would cost so many millions to bring up to code.

Thankfully, the property owner is spending that money, but everyone is now pissed he isn't just giving it away to the 'artists' again.

Maybe someday it will be

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Maybe someday it will be ruled as discriminatory , if the right feathers are ruffled.

The better to distort the market with, dearie

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Why else?

I've got a plastic bucket and a drumstick. Can I have a free "musician's apartment?" I promise I totally won't rent it out at market rate and declare the new tenants "a living work of experimental art."


Apparently lotteries are preferable to fixing systemic problems

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Why just build as much housing as the market is demanding when you can make a lot of requirements pushing prices up, making a few exceptions for some lucky people to make it seem like you're doing something?

It's certainly working well for schools apparently, that they never change what matters there either.

Never mind that it doesn't make any difference to the bulk of people who are still pushed out of town because we don't overhaul our zoning regulations radically enough to just allow way more housing to get built for everyone to have "affordable" housing given the time it will take to build over the coming years anyway.


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All the ugly, same old same old design approved by BPDA recently can only be attributed to architects use of AutoCad.


Not auto cad

Price of labor and materials.

Standardization and modular construction also drive down costs.


Thank God

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Standardization and modular construction allowed me to pay only $1250 per Sq ft for my luxury condo.

Value Engineering

You pay that much because that's the going price for space in our area.

Reducing your cost isn't the motivation - you pay what the market will bear.

Reducing THEIR cost is the motivation.


Good news

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I'm glad to hear they're setting aside units for artists. I hope this will continue throughout the city.


ugly shit

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all you can have is jejune hideous bullshit architecture. it will all be underwater soon anyway, because change is the only constant in the universe.

An Idea:

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Why not just blow the wad on 'non-jejune' Horta and Gaudi like shit and rebrand the city as The Atlantis of America for when it's submerged?