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Developer proposes new housing, NAACP headquarters and restaurant for Dudley Square

Cruz Development Corp. is proposing a two-building complex that would include 150 apartments, space for a new NAACP headquarters and a restaurant on Dudley Street, between the B-2 police station and the BPL branch.

In a letter of intent filed with the BPDA, the Roxbury developer says it would build a six-story building with 50 affordable apartments - aimed at people making between 30 and 50% of the Boston area median income and an eight-story building with 100 condos, half market rate and half sold to people making between 60% and 80% of the area median income. The NAACP would get its office rent free for ten years, Cruz says.

Cruz is also proposing a 245-space garage for the 135 Dudley St. project, with 100 of those spaces available to the general public.

The project would sit on what is now city-owned land to which Cruz won development rights in July, as part of a city effort to put more housing and commercial space on vacant lots in Dudley Square.

In addition to the BPDA, the project will also require the approval of the Zoning Board of Appeal.

135 Dudley St. letter of intent (2.4M PDF).

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Too much parking. 245 parking spaces total for 150 residential units, 2/3 of which are Affordable (subsidized) and office space (how large)?

It's under a mile straight shot by bus to either Roxbury Crossing or Ruggles.

Side note: The flat roof of Hurley shipping and receiving is covered with solar panels. The YMCA appears to have quite a few solar thermal panels on the roof, presumably for the pool. The city police dept, city library, and state courthouse have big flat empty roofs with no solar. Go figure.

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They're basically talking about space for non-residents and businesses to use.

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its good froward thinking to have 245 parking spots. If you're increasing median incomes and development in the area those spots will become important in the future. 15 years from now if all goes right, hopefully will be happy to have those parking spaces because Dudley will be full.

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50 units of affordable rental housing for families at 30% and 50% of AMI

  • Household Income: For a family of 3 or 4 members = $30,600 to $56,650
  • Rent for 2 or 3 bedroom: $586 to $1,162

100 condominium units, providing homeownership opportunities to 50 households at 70% and 80% of AMI

  • Household Income: For a family of 3 or 4 members = $71,400 to $90,650
  • Purchase Price for 2 or 3 bedroom: $186,200 to $257,500
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This is great, i so hope this passes. Cruz is amazing in what he does for the city. a new NAACP headquarters is excellent and hopefully they get a liquor license from the city. I love love love the affordability goals although it could be too much affordability and really offput potential condo owners but still it will be a profitable development and will like lease out/mortgage 95-98% of its units.

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The city council will be holding a vote soon to change the name of the square do to a time in Boston when slavery was accepted. The MBTA will then change the name of the bus terminal and hopefully change the names of several stations named after slave masters.

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What the city council might do is decide whether to put the question on the November ballot so voters can decide.

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HURRAH! Finally a project with actual affordable housing, both in pricing & quantity.

I generally agree that this is a lot of parking. Dudley isn't convenient to the train line (the silver line was a bus, is a bus, will forever be a bus) so some parking is actually a necessity in a way that I wouldn't consider it to be in the South End or Mission Hill. And having spots for the public is commendable. But 245 seems high.

But, hey, if daily parking charges help offset the price of affordable housing, booyah!

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