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Dorchester five-alarm fire in blazing heat displaces 30, spreads to adjoining buildings

439 Quincy St. in Dorchester on fire

The Boston Fire Department reports what became a five-alarm fire at 439 Quincy St. this afternoon caused an estimated $400,000 in damage there and to two adjoining houses.

All residents were evacuated without injury after firefighters arrived around 3:45 p.m., the department reports, adding the cause is under investigation.

Firefighters take a break (photo by BFD):

Firefighters take a break in the heat
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Meaningless peeve: Why do fire departments make an estimate on the dollar amount of damage? These estimates aren't backed by any methodology, it's just some chief take a wild guess on the spot. They are almost always way off the mark.

Journalists would be best to not ask the question of fire departments and not print a dollar amount unless it's stated by someone with more expertise, just as an insurance adjustor. The better question is what percentage of the building was directly damaged.

Sympathies to everyone effected by this fire.

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The estimates are done because its required by State and Federal level incident reporting.

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