Dowdy garage on the Greenway across from the Chinatown Gate could be replaced by an office building

A developer has told the BPDA it will soon file detailed plans to replace the garage at 125 Lincoln St. in the Leather District with a 24-story, 625,000-square-foot office building.

Oxford Properties Group, a Toronto concern with Boston offices on Summer Street, within eyesight of the garage, says the ground floor will have space for restaurants and shops, as well as an underground garage and "indoor and outdoor public spaces." It adds:

The Project will be a dynamic addition to downtown Boston that will revitalize the Site.

125 Lincoln St. letter of intent (302k PDF).



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Chinatown Trivia

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The ground floor of that garage once housed the China Cinema which showed Chinese language movies. It was around in the 70s and 80s. I used to walk by it all the time. There was another such theater nearby on Essex Street, if I recall.


I was wondering when that would go

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Though I love the dim sum place in that building, it is a total eye sore and I could never understand how it had not been redeveloped sooner given its location.

Grocery store

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There is a good grocery store in that garage. I hope they can find a nearby location.


The best

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I'll be sorry to see it go, it's the best one in (technically near) Chinatown. And I've never had the Hei La Moon pleasure, another loss.

How NOT to sell your proposal to the neighborhood...

They really charmed us at the neighborhood association meeting. "We can all agree this block of the Leather District is the least charming one in the neighborhood and almost anything would be an improvement."

Then proceeded to dodge the issue of light, sun, sky blocking of the proposed tower.

Oh, and they propose a "winter garden" AKA LOBBY that will be open to the neighborhood. Oh yippee. All the retail they propose? Have they SEEN the amount of VACANT retail all around the city?

Disaster. Take away thriving businesses that add value to the neighborhood, take away SUNlight, sky. Add more retail like sandwich shops for business tower...all of which will add to traffic during the day, and be vacant at night.

Our "uncharming" block will be thrown into shadow, Hei La Moon which feeds people day and night is an anchor of light and foot traffic, and sustenance. The grocery (C-mart) is one of only two remaining Chinese grocers serving the Chinatown community, many of whom are elderly and would have a hard time getting across the pike to the others.

Empty retail does not add value.
Businesses that shut down at 6 PM do not add value.
SHADE does not add value.


Spot on

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This post is exactly right.

As much as we’d all love to see the ugly garage in such a prime location revamped, losing Hei La Moon and the C Mart which are vibrant and bustling constantly (and all during the weekend with weddings etc.) in favor of Blue Bottle Coffee, Cosi, ABP, and similar ilk only open during business hours would be a big loss for the area. Another dark forbidding lobby, another dead island to walk around, Townsman shuttered and dark across the street while yuppies scurry in and out with their little dogs to the Greenway.

I believe that garage is the

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I believe that garage is the only building in the area which was built after the Surface Artery was cut through the street grid, until the office towers went up in the last 15 years. It matches the curve of the road.