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Dudley Square Chinese place shut for health violations again

A Boston health inspector yesterday ordered China Bo, 49 Warren St., shut for violations that included 10 pounds of raw chicken being stored too warm, dead roaches at the bottom of a pizza oven and rodent droppings by the front counter where customers pick up orders.

The restaurant can re-open when it passes a re-inspection. China Bo was last shut in November.

Among the violations found at the take-out place, which in addition to Chinese food also serves pizza and Italian pasta:

Visible rodents droppings scattered throughout the facility, problematic areas include the front wall by the customer counter area, alongside the rear wall directly beside the back door / cooking line as well as underneath the pizza ovens. The back yard / trash area has dropping in numerous locations around the edges of the building, many visible rodent holes scattered throughout the trash area, address as discussed during inspection Pest control reports from a reputable pest control company were provided on site. Dead roaches observed in the bottom of the pizza oven, address with pest control company.



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That nasty (expletive) place should've been shutdown a decade ago!

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This place is horrible and the lady who takes ur order over the phone and counter has no customer service skills she’s rude and acts like we owe her our money instead of selling us a plate of food we can enjoy not surprised to see it didn’t pass inspection I agree it should of been shut down a long time ago compared to Peking house it’s a shitty place Peking house is the best next street right over guys .. enjoy

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