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Dudley Square to get jazz cafe

Mayor Walsh announced tonight that musician William Banfield will be opening a cafe in Dudley Square's Bolling Building that will couple a restaurant with performances that will range from jazz to dance and theater.

Banfield, a professor at Berklee College of Music, says that while his JazzUrbane Cafe will serve up food and entertainment at night, during the day he will open it up for use by community groups and arts organizations.

Walsh announced Banfield's selection for the 7,800 square feet of space in the city-owned building during his State of the City address tonight.

In a statement, Banfield said:

I am excited for the opportunity to create a truly unique experience in Roxbury, to bring back jazz to Dudley Square, and build an establishment that will become a destination for all residents and visitors.

An opening date was not announced.

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Likes this. Likes this very much. Magoo=jazzzzzzzz.

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Now if the mayor could only do something about the conditions in the bus terminal where the Transit Police shut the lights off and never leave their office and the public toilet is vandalized and drug deals happen daily.

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unfortunately, that would be the purview of the state

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Pay closer attention to that pay toilet. I do believe it says “City toilet” or something similar. You are squatting on City property when you’re in there.

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this is classy

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Rather than hear about jazz clubs, I would’ve liked to hear the mayor tell us that we were going to get our fire Chief that was cut returned and maybe some more fire trucks in West Roxbury, seeing that they ran a major gas line through our neighborhood. I guess they’ll wait until we have a Lawrence type of situation and react to it rather than take preventive measures.

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What happened in Lawrence was terrible but preventing gas explosions is nothing the BFD would be involved with. Now if your house explodes into a fireball, yes, that's their job but at that point, the disaster has already struck.

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instead of leaving.

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