Dunkin' Celtic in South Boston

Dunks and Celtics

Al Horford of the Celtics showed up at the K Street fire station in South Boston with some Dunkin' Donuts coffee and donuts to hang out with the firefighters and play some horse today. Eileen Murphy was there.



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pretty cool

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Al is an NBA vet, not some unknown rookie. Cool of him to do this, though he is sponsored by Dunkin so im sure there some contractual duties. Celtics posted a cool video of him riding around town in fire truck, he was stoked!

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My Cuppyeth runneth over

Pretty Al, the Celtics, Dunkin Donuts, and BFD...it's like some my most favorite-est things about Boston all in one place. <3 <3

EDIT: it's my dream to be sponsored by Dunkin Donuts (I refuse to call it by its blasphemous "new" name).

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