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Dunk's moves to fill donut hole along South Huntington Avenue

Dunkin' Donuts, sorry, Dunkin', goes before the Boston Licensing Board for a permanent license for a new outlet at 37 S. Huntington Ave. in Jamaica Plain.

While there are a bunch of Dunk's just up the Jway/Riverway in the medical area, one in Brookline Village and one on Tremont Street on Mission Hill, the chain has, until now, been unable to meet the coffee and donut needs of people rolling out of their apartments or condos, or the VA Hospital and animal hospital along South Huntington - a number that continues to increase with the construction of innumerable new residential buildings on the JP side of the street.

The new place will be in one of those buildings - and leaves room for still more Dunkification of the the street, because its location, just around the turn from Huntington, is 1.4 miles away from the next nearest Dunk's heading south towards Forest Hills.

The licensing board's hearings start at 10 a.m. on Wednesday in Room 809 in City Hall.



Guess I haven't been by that location in a LONG time. There used to be a house just up from the gas station that was clearly leaning and about to fall over. Streetviews as far back as 2011 just show a vacant lot, so I guess it was before that. Welcome Dunks!

VA worker here, cannot wait, hospital coffee sux


A permanent license? So when the earth is completely destroyed by climate change (or the Vogons) they can still keep the Dunks running there?


Dunkin Donuts and other big companies are the only ones who can afford the rent on the commercial spaces in those "luxury" apartment buildings. There's still unoccupied commercial space in that building and in the Serenity just up the street. Those buildings have been there for some time- 3 years I believe. :/
Editing to add that I was hoping that one of those spaces would be a liquor/ beer & wine store :)


... anything that isn’t harmful to your health?
They should sell vape cartridges, cigars and cigarettes too.

I do like their reasonably priced espresso, though.


Dunkin Donuts' former marketing strategy was to mock people who knew a little Italian when it came to coffee beveragea... espresso, latte, etc. Now they embrace it which is pretty hypocritical. Personally I love learning words from diff. languages so always thought it was obnoxious and negative. Glad you're on board with 'espresso' now that it's 2019. I'll stick to non-styrofoam / non-corporate / non-chain shops for my caffeine fix when in JP.

PS Gourmet sells scratch tickets (at least the Roslindale one did last time I was in)

I’d rather Starbucks at least they sell real food along with the coffee. Yes I know this a controversial take.

Edit: also why does Dunkin’ Donuts still use styrofoam ?

I'm not going to defend DD's food, but I don't think I've ever had any food item at Starbucks that was "good" or "real".


At least you can buy fruit at Starbucks... that's real. Never seen fruit at Dunkin Donuts.

Sir/Madam, I’ll have you know, Dunkin Donuts serves the FINEST bananas... At participating restaurants.

I don't know when the last time you got Dunkin was but they did away with styrofoam at my local one in 2017 and according to the news it'll be gone from all dunkin's in MA by the end of this year.

I'm honestly not sure how licencing works AT ALL. Like... I'm not sure why businesses need to gain city approval before opening up shop. Either way... why doesn't the city deny monstrous chains and help make spaces like this available to small business to flourish? I'm not trying to be a smart ass, I'm just not informed and curious.

I think they've had the "Dunkin Coming SOON!" up for a few months. My bf is counting the days until he can get a coffee on our way back from Wok & Talk.

Dunkin’ Donuts is gagamaggot. Magoo.