Durgin-Park going out with a bang as nostalgic Bostonians seek one last meal there

Samantha Washburn was among the people who tried to get into Durgin-Park tonight, after hearing the news the venerable restaurant would be closing forever on Jan. 12.

Went to get Indian pudding one last time at Durgin Park and they ran out of food by 7PM!

Karen reports:

Had a reservation for 6:15 and they said they were not honoring reservations and were letting people in in smaller groups until they ran out of food.



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Different recipes?

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Yes, Durgin-Park and Union Oyster House both have [had] Indian pudding; but, having had both, they seem almost like different dishes. I much prefer Durgin's dish, which is/was thicker and more flavorful.

I'm not sure if I ever had it on one of my visits to the Wayside Inn -- and if I did, I can't recall what it was like -- so I can't compare theirs.

the Village

The Village restaurant in Essex has it, not as good as Durgin Park, and smaller, although the Village has good food.


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I'll have to try it next time I'm there. Their baked haddock is outstanding.

I wonder

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Whether the nostalgia guests will end up saying.... oh yeah, that’s why I never came here or... drat, It’s good I wish I had came here more often?


I had no idea

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That the Boston economy was based on pot roast, shepherds pie, and cheeseburgers that resemble hockey pucks.


Durgen Park Sunday night

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We had reservations this evening at 5PM and were told no food sorry good bye.
“That’s All Folks”

Indian Pudding.

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Per Mr Theszak's comment: not sure who is left outside of maybe somewhere in Plymouth (don't count Union's as anything beyond an overpriced taste of conglomerate).

Back when I was a kid around the Coolidge Corner area, remember a Pudding shop that had Indian Pudding on their regular menu. Obviously, they are out of business nowadays. I never got the chance to try it, as it was always sold out.

Anyway, Last Thanksgivng, instead of Pie for the group, made Indian Pudding from an old school Joy Of recipe that I tweaked somewhat. Easier than Pie; no leftovers.

Funniest comment, from the NJ cohort: "Be(v), I thought you meant rasmalai. Wow."

We just made it

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I wanted my 6-year-old to have a chance to ever go to the restaurant his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather had all gone to. We had a 5:30 reservation and quickly discovered that they weren't being honored - a final act of rudeness at a restaurant known for it, I suppose. Waited in line, and made it to the front at about 6, when someone came down to only let in the next 30 people. Prime rib was gone (we watched them take the last slab out of the aging room downstairs), a few more things were listed as 86'd, but beans, chowder, scrod, scallops, fish&chips, and Indian pudding were all still there to be had.