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Electrical line, transformer behind West Roxbury police station catch on fire

Fire behind E-5 station in West Roxbury

Fire burns wire below transformer behind E-5; the scene on Centre. Photos by Thomas Papathanasiou.

Boston firefighters responded to the E-5 police station at Centre Street and West Roxbury Parkway after an electrical line and a transformer behind the station caught fire around 8:50 p.m. As an Eversource crew arrived to shut off power, firefighters made sure the fire did not spread into the station, which was recently renovated.

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It looked like a bunch of fireworks went off inside the cop yard. I wonder if the repair went bad.

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I live in Watertown right along the Charles across from Newton area -- around the time this happened we heard a series of what sounded like fireworks for a period of several minutes. Was this the culprit? We hear similar noises a lot and are not entirely sure what they are, but never at this level or duration.

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Several transformers in Boston exploded last night under all the stress, so probably something similar happened near you.

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That makes sense, thank you sir

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