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Elizabeth Warren will get my vote before Joe Biden will

I won't forgive Elizabeth Warren for endorsing the incumbent mayor whose mediocrity brought us an olympic bid, indy car, midtown, GE, early bell times, school closures and new housing built for the rich but she'll get my vote for president before Joe Biden will.



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Warren is wicked smaaht. Politics is in her DNA, (unfortunately minimal native American), along with an inherent understanding of economics and banking. She can still pull it off but she needs to stop pointing her finger and shaking her head, as if she is lecturing a bunch of misbehaving grade school boys. Biden is a phoney. Warren actually did grow up in the normal middle class, but years in the Harvard and BigLaw environment have put her out of touch with the regular American voter. It isn't just white males over 50 with whom she needs to connect. We have reached a critical point where the Democratic Party needs to choose which fork in the road they will follow. The choices are the socialist path to bankruptcy, or the capitalist path to prosperity, while retaining the American tradition of helping the infirm and the less fortunate. I will actually vote for any candidate who will discuss planning to amortize the national debt. If that is not seriously undertaken in the near future, we will be in serious trouble.

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