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Emily Rooney: Time to ditch Mihos and Ross

From televised debates, that is. Greater Boston's Emily Rooney is among the media honchos who've put together gubernatorial debates this year and she says enough is enough: The fringe candidates have had their say, now it's time for Healey and Patrick to go at it mano a mano:

... After four attempts to "do the right thing", the media consortium needs to "do the gutsy thing" and pull the plug on Mihos and Ross for the November 1st debate so voters can hear what the two real contenders, Deval Patrick and Kerry Healey, have to say, unencumbered by a sideshow.



Emily Rooney wants to be honest? Good. Let’s start with the fact that the two “major” candidates begin the race with a gigantic lead. The fact that they get millions of dollars worth of face time because of the primaries - that one of them, in most cases, is an incumbent with all of the extras that affords - that the “fringe” candidates, as she so delicately puts it, have to spend inordinate amounts of time and money just to secure a spot on the ballot.

You want to be fair and truly honest? Those candidates deserve MORE time now, not less, to make up for the lack they had prior to these debates.

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Emily did not say "fringe" in reference to the candidates. My apologies for implying that she did.

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