Enjoying the day down by the river

Hammock on the Esplanade

Roving UHub photographer Amanda Wild came across somebody taking it easy on the Esplanade today.


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That book

You all gotta read that book.... you lefties.

White Fragility by DiAngelo

An awesome thing is that no matter what you say to me after this post, it has a chapter about it in the book. Hah!


We gotta?

Why on Earth would anyone accept such a recommendation, from the likes of you?



You're proving the author correct

Not that you're capable of understanding that because your comment is such an olympic caliber self-own.

One of the main thrusts of the book is that white lefties are so racist that they cannot see the racism they are peddling by constantly telling people things like "Not that you're capable of understanding" to make themselves feel better.

So -

You're saying it's full of the kind of circular-logic question-begging that you like. The more I learn about it, the less I 'gotta read' it.


You're saying it's full of the kind of circular-logic question-begging that you like.

Nope. It is full of admonishing of lefties (by a leftie) that leftists are so fragile that they go around accusing people of circular-logic and question-begging when instead they should be looking at the legacy of leftist white privilege racism. There is a whole chapter dedicated to it.

Yes, yes.

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Lol "The main thrust"

Stop acting like you didn't just research the book after your first thing in the morning comment regarding a completely unrelated post/picture triggered you.

Just stop.

I was going to.

I was going to read it but both of my imaginary kids agreed that I didn't need to read it. Just saying!

If you don't...

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If you don't trust this website to give you the facts or if you think it has a bias... may I ask why you still frequent the site?

Far be if from me to say everyone should go to there own corner on the net for news, I frequently read pieces that I know I disagree with to understand an argument or view point, no matter how flawed I think it is. But the sites I go to the most are ones I trust.


I'm disappointed in you

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You've been hate-reading UHub long enough to know that while I wouldn't have run the photo just because of the book title, it certainly wouldn't have stopped me from running it.