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Everett man charged with fatal hit-and-run on Charlestown/Everett line

Boston Police report arresting Allen Williams, 65, of Everett, on charges he hit a pedestrian on Alford Street on July 26, then kept on driving.

Williams was charged with leaving the scene of an accident after causing a death and driving with a suspended license, police say.

WCVB reports Williams has had his license suspended at least four times since 2006, "for various violations, including reckless driving and crashes."

Innocent, etc.

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Shouldn't that be manslaughter, at least?

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Lock up this piece of garbage and never let him out. He has proven himself to be a menace and he thinks his driving is more important than innocent people's lives. Entitled, dangerous drivers who continue to get behind the wheel deserve to spend their lives in prison.

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They need to stop suspending licenses and start giving these people escalating additional consequences ... like jail time.

Reckless driving, OUI ... once may be a stupid mistake, multiple times should be a criminal record and increasing prison sentences. I also don't get the OUI/reckless driving distinction anyway - OUI is a form of reckless driving, and both be felonies that carry high penalties, including permanent revocation for driving while your license is suspended or for your second offense. Driving is not a right.

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