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Faulkner Hospital wants to add new wing, beds

Faulkner Hospital in 1905

Faulkner Hospital in 1905.

Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital in Jamaica Plain has told the BPDA it will file plans for a 45% increase in the number of its in-patient medical-surgical beds, from the current 171 to 249, by building a new five-story wing.

The hospital will also seek city approval to add a total of 332 new parking spaces, in part by replacing one of the current parking garages with a larger one, and wants to add a new driveway onto Allendale Street, according to a letter of intent submitted today, which cites the "growing demand" for services at the hospital.

Faulkner, which opened in 1903, last added beds in 1976, the letter says.

Faulkner Hospital letter of intent (415k PDF).

Postcard from the Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital Collection. Posted under this Creative Commons license.

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I grew up in back of the Faulkner (no, it wasn't Moss Hill, it was technically called Green Hill). The spot where the garage is now used to be our baseball field, sledding and hide-and-seek area. A great childhood; the time of our lives!

The Faulkner is such a beautiful property. I know it's important for Partners to keep expanding to stay a world-class medical organization, and am glad that my family and neighbors had the Faulkner Field 'to ourselves' many years ago.

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Moss Hill in JP is one of the most wealthy elite NIMBY areas of the city. This will be a fun one to watch.

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Moss Hill is in back of the Jamaicaway. The Faulkner is located on what is called Green Hill. Those of us that grew up next to the Faulkner always had our own identity.

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is made up of three hills, going east to west: Spring Hill (known now as Hellenic Hill), Moss Hill, and Green Hill (as noted above).

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