Feds charge Quincy is dumping raw sewage into Boston Harbor

The US Attorney's office in Boston reports it's suing the city of Quincy for letting its sewers overflow into Boston Harbor in general and Dorchester Bay and Quincy Bay in particular.

The suit is somewhat ironic in that it was Quincy's own attorney who filed the 1982 suit that led to the massive Boston Harbor cleanup and the creation of the MWRA.

The complaint alleges that water quality samples from 2009 through 2018 demonstrated that Quincy discharged pollutants, including the bacteria commonly known as E. coli and Enteroccous, onto Quincy beaches and tidal areas along the coastline. It also alleges that the water quality samples taken from Quincy Bay, Sagamore Creek, Town Brook, Town River Bay and Furnace Brook from the period 2009 through 2013 showed the discharge of ammonia, surfactants and pharmaceutical compounds, which are indicative of sewage waste. In addition, the complaint alleges that Quincy’s sanitary sewer system overflowed on numerous occasions, resulting in discharges of sewage and untreated wastewater.


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The Bridge

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So they would rather dump shit on everyone than have homeless people bused through a tiny area of town.

Stay Classy Quincy!


How can that be?

The people of Quincy are great. The politicians are trash

If the people of Quincy are choosing to elect "trash" politicians, how does that make the people of Quincy "great?"

Sewerage Treatment Plant

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So maybe we offer to help them out with space for a sewerage treatment plant. On the other side of the new bridge.......


that's a solid idea

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I like this idea a lot. Build a treatment plant, a bridge, and get the shelters back up and operational. Only problem is that it would be years before it's done.

Back to the point at hand

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Let's say the City of Presidents decides to resolve the raw sewage issue on their own. It will still take years. The good thing (for Quincy) is that if they get a plan in place with solid deadlines, the Feds will look favorably on them. You know, like that time when the City of Quincy sued about raw sewage contaminating Quincy Bay. The MWRA (well, the MDC, but the first step was creating the MWRA) came up with a plan and a solid deadline, which they met.

That environmental impact tho!

I wonder how Boston will leverage this to get the okay for the Long Island bridge to be built. What if the bridge has to rebuilt to aid in the cleaning up of Boston Harbor?

Christopher Walker, chief of staff for Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch, said his boss continues to adamantly oppose the bridge and plans to continue to fight the rebuilding process — and will take Boston to court if necessary.

“We’re prepared to argue vehemently that the city of Boston is grossly understating the environmental impact of new bridge,” Walker told the Herald.

(Quote source: https://www.bostonherald.com/2018/09/07/quincys-conservation-commission-...)

Yikes, I expected more from the place that is home to the original Dunkin' Donuts.

And holy Michael Imperioli, the feds are just all over everything in Boston, it seems.

DD Styrofoam cups days are over

DD locations haven't been using those Styrofoam cups.

Believe me, I've almost gotten very Indignant Dotrat asking for one i.e.,"But my hands are cold when I'm trying to drink my Dunx Iced on this 30-degree day! Waaaah!"

Ah, Quincy.....

Possibly the most corrupt city in this state. If you have the right last name (Tobin, McCauley, et al) then you can do anything. How did they use the city parking lot land to build those monstrosities, anyway?

There's More to This Story...

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While everyone is (rightly) having a laugh at Quincy, these tests were taken from 2009-2013. Why are they just now bringing a lawsuit 6 years down the road? Were they trying to get the city to upgrade their sewage treatment on their own and the the city kept dragging their feet?