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Feds report arrest of man they say really liked holding up a gas station in Readville, but who branched out to convenience stores

Hallman, allegedly

Tykei Hallman, 25, of Hyde Park, a 6'6" former high-school basketball player who now walks with a limp, is scheduled for arraignment in federal court today on a count of robbery involving use of a firearm for the robbery of a Quincy convenience store - but he is the suspect in 15 robberies and robbery attempts in the Boston area - three of them robberies at Mobile station on Neponset Valley Parkway in Hyde Park's Readville section and a failed robbery at Rogers Service down the street.

The US Attorney's office reports Hallman faces up to 20 years in prison on the robbery charge, with an additional 7 years possible for using a gun during the commission of the crime.

According to the charging document, between May 2019 and November 2019, approximately 15 convenience-type stores were robbed in the Greater Boston area by a masked and armed individual. During each robbery, the suspect who appeared to be a male, was dressed in dark hooded outer garments, a mask obscuring his face and gloves. The suspect entered the convenience stores brandishing what appeared to be a black and silver semi-automatic handgun and demanded the stores’ cash. Based on the similarity of the robberies, witness statements, and video surveillance obtained from the locations, law enforcement determined that the same individual was responsible for these robberies. Hallman was identified as the robbery subject through physical surveillance, GPS data from cell phones and motor vehicle records.

An affidavit by an FBI agent who tracked him lists several markets he allegedly robbed at gunpoint in Hyde Park and Roslindale, including the Fairmount Food Market, 674 Truman Parkway in Hyde Park on May 24, getting away with $300 to $400 after waving a gun at a cashier. He returned to the store on July 12, again with a gun and this time made off with $1,000. On Aug. 19, he robbed MVP Liquors, 4339 Washington St. in Roslindale, of an unknown amount of money. On Aug. 23, he took roughly $400 from the cash register at the Pit Stop, 695 Truman Parkway in Hyde Park.

He also robbed markets in Milton and Quincy - which helped bring about his capture, because Quincy Police had given one potential target store a tracking device to toss in with any money - according to the affidavit. Hallman allegedly robbed the Five Corner's Market on Nov. 5 and Hallman escaped with both cash and the tracker.

Although the tracker stopped moving on I-93 north in Dorchester - at the Savin Hill overpass, where he seemed to have discovered and tossed it - surveillance photos from stores and homes along the route, one of which included the car's license plate, led investigators to an Arlington woman, who was apparently going out with Hallman's brother. Investigators began to figure that out after they followed the woman one night from her Malden workplace to Garfield Avenue in Hyde Park, near the Milton line, where she picked up a man and drove with him to Legacy Place in Dedham for dinner at Sweetgreen.

Boston Police set up a pole camera - and began a stakeout - at the apartment complex and, over the next few days, spotted the man having numerous discussions with a tall man wearing red and black sneakers, just like the suspect in all the robberies.

believe, based on my review of video/photos of HALLMAN and my review of surveillance footage of the robberies discussed above, that HALLMAN committed these robberies. HALLMAN closely resembles the perpetrator who appears in the surveillance footage.

Investigators then got warrants to obtain cell-phone location data from phones Hallman used - and that placed at least his phone at the location of many of the robberies.

Innocent, etc.

PDF icon Complete affidavit461.45 KB

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One would think one might be just a bit conspicuous ...

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failed robbery at Rogers Service down the street

That would explain the limp.....

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They REALLY wanted to catch this guy. Nice work!

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And great reporting on it, Adam. Get this guy off the streets.

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I previously tried to comment but, was denied due to FACTS!

Good ol America, was established by many your ancestors (immigrants) taking it by force.
They ROBBED the natives not only by brandishing a gun, they killed many tribes and RAPED many of THEIR women to have good ol America for their own country.
The same immigrants established a judicial system here and says do as I say not as I have done to get to where we are.

How about we go to the source and lets discuss facts and truth? Lets report truth, Adam.
By the way. I believe this young man is not only a high school ball player, he is a college graduate who played college ball.
I wander how many others you slander without hitting the source, Adam?

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These GPS trackers are the new dye pack for robberies. One of the investigators told me that this guy had the "respect" of the police because he was so good at it, able to rob so many places without getting caught. His undoing was he liked to hit the same places. Nice to see the enthusiasm and teamwork in catching this guy as cops believed eventually he might use the gun if things went bad. With the feds prosecuting, he might actually do some real time for a change.

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This is a classic case for why we have an FBI -- to help with cases beyond what the locals can handle where violations of Federal Statues is involved*1 -- such as "Bank Robbery" -- the most pre-meditated of all potentially violent crimes.

Now we just need a reasonable Federal Judge to realize that just taking this one individual off the streets will make a major dent in crime in the inner city of Boston

One hopes that since he went around brandishing a semiautomatic pistol that their will not be any bail -- there is plenty of evidence that he should stay locked-up until the trial.

Of course his Publicly-funded defense attorney will no-doubt claim that the Limp makes his career in the NBA un-likely and hence he was just doing a bit of robbery to support himself until he could find another line of work outside of basketball and robbery.

Assuming the judge provides and expeditious [and of course fair trial] and Assuming that the alleged offender is convicted -- as reading the FBI Affidavit this case looks fairly solid -- he should go away for a long long time as Federal Sentencing is typically fairly strict

from the Federal Charging Affidavit

Title 18, United States Code, Section 1951(a) makes it a crime to obstruct, delay, or affect commerce by forcefully taking or obtaining property by way of physical violence. I am further aware that Title 18, United States Code, Section 924(c) makes it a crime to use or carry a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence.

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I’m sure that DA Rachel Rollins will try to find way To let this guy off the hook. After all, he was only robbing these places to get their money.

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Can you read? Or are you just ignorant? This case is CLEARLY being prosecuted by the federal government. Unfortunately for you Rachel Rollins works for SUFFOLK COUNTY and won’t have a hand on the case.

People like me, have been persecuted by the system for too many years. We had to accept Trump when he was voted in. Now you have to accept her!!!

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A) Violent crime (and threatening people with a gun qualifies as a violent crime) was never something Rollins said she wouldn't prosecute - in fact, she said she wanted to drop some of the non-violent things to devote more resources to prosecuting violent criminals.

B) He's being prosecuted in the federal system, which means Rollins has nothing to do with his case. Did you miss that part, or do you not understand it? If the former, like I said, read the story again (look for the phrase "federal court" in the very first sentence). If you don't understand it, I wish I could point you to a book or primer on the American federal system and what that means for the criminal-justice system, but, honestly, it's something I picked up on in high school and have never needed to bone up on it, so I don't know what to tell you. Try Google or something.

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