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Carjacking Charlesgate car flipper was 72-year-old Cape man, police say

State Police report the man who managed to carjack a Kia on the Bowker Overpass, drive against traffic and then flip the vehicle at the start of rush hour on Friday was arrested at the scene.

State Police say the man, 72 and from Hyannis, "forcibly removed the occupants" of the Kia before going on what turned out to be a very short ride, although long enough to hit several other cars while driving the wrong way before crashing and flipping.

State Police say troopers subdued the 72-year-old man from Hyannis for transport to a local hospital for a mental-health evaluation. Troopers are still figuring out exactly what to charge him with, State Police add.




Maybe start with unarmed carjacking, still a 15 year felony in this state. Is there a new State Police policy to hide the name of a felony suspect whenever mental illness is suspected? That policy is arbitray, capricious and fraught with peril. It's bad enough when DA's broom cases before arraignment. Is MSP now brooming major cases even before they even get to the DA?

Who could forget the antisemitic, anti-American destruction of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at UMass that owned the news cycle, including a grainy video of the suspect, all week before Memorial Day? State Police said they made an arrest after court had closed that Friday. Normally a suspect would be booked on the felony and name released, even if he went to the hospital for evaluation. Many advocates for the mentally ill recommend no special treatment if a mentally ill person commits a serious crime, since this only enables them and prevents them from going before a judge who can actually mandate the treatment and follow-up that police cannot. Since the desk sergeant (and most police) usually have only basic training in diagnosing mental illness, how is the decision made to charge or not charge, release the name or not release the name? What safeguards are in place if say, a politically wired suspect suddenly claims he had a brief bout of mental illness that made him do it? Follow up is needed on this and the Vietnam Memorial bag job, please.


Give him a call, you moron - that the proper forum to spread your Trump hate and speech.
Jesus are you tedious.


Give him a call, you moron - that the proper forum to spread your Trump hate and speech.
Jesus are you tedious.

You must know that sometimes (it is rare) an elderly person can have a manic episode where they think a car is theirs, or they need to go somewhere for some reason, and with this thought process they "steal" a car and take it somewhere. Their intent isn't criminal, and they usually aren't charged. I'm sure you have seen situations like this before, and I'm guessing this is one of those cases.